“Doubts about internal injuries” – Corriere dell’Umbria

“Doubts about internal injuries” – Corriere dell’Umbria
“Doubts about internal injuries” – Corriere dell’Umbria

Two investigations have been opened on the death of the 39-year-old carabiniere Eugenio Fasano. The death occurred on January 24, 2019 after the man had accused a suspected illness that had made hospitalization necessary while playing soccer. Unfortunately, Fasano did not make it and two days later the death was ascertained: the clinical picture was irrecoverable, the critical conditions already from the arrival in the hospital. There death was filed as death due to cardiocirculatory arrest and hence the skepticism of the family, which is fighting to clarify some points of the story. The last chapter sees the opening of two investigation files, as the newspaper reports Republic, one from the deputies magistrates to investigate military offenses and one that sees the public prosecutor Roberta Capponi titular.
For Eugenio’s family members, the injuries reported in the medical record would highlight signs of violent acts against the man: fractured ribs, the sternum and a punctured lung, a ruptured artery.

The Fasano family he told a Republic that after the illness the man had been taken to the emergency room almost two hours after having accused the illness. Initially, in fact, a doctor of the Arma had carried out first aid. “In the ER I immediately understand that something very serious has happened, as it was full of uniformed and non-uniformed carabinieri, of every order and rank, but no one had been able to give the details of my brother-in-law”, explained Teresa Alfiero , the man’s sister-in-law, entered the hospital ‘unknown 2019014801’. “We asked who the players were, where the game was played, who was the referee, if the center had a medical service and a defibrillator, but every attempt was in vain”.

39-year-old sister-in-law thinks he “was killed” and asks for “truth and justice”. According to the woman, Eugenio “was tense for work” and “there are too many things that don’t add up. I was the only relative in the hospital, they immediately asked me if we wanted to donate organs, but they didn’t want me to talk to the doctors. “The” offending “soccer match took place at two in the afternoon on January 22, 2019 at the Antico Shooting Club, in the Parioli area. Several of his colleagues played with Fasano.

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Doubts internal injuries Corriere dellUmbria

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