Negrita in concert in Rome: lineup and info

Negrita in concert in Rome: lineup and info
Negrita in concert in Rome: lineup and info

The appointment with the Italian rock of Negrita is set for this evening, Wednesday 28 July, at 9.00 pm, with the “Banda” finally back live in Rome for its “La Teatrale Summer Tour 2021”. In the lineup all the cult repertoire songs, from the band’s debut to today, revisited for the occasion in an acoustic and much more intimate key

Paolo “Pau” Bruni and the rest of the “Banda” are ready to return to the stage this evening, Wednesday 28 July, for the Roman date of “The Theatrical Summer Tour 2021”, The summer tour that will bring the Bold font to perform in some of the most beautiful locations on the Peninsula. The appointment with the fans is for 21:00 in the outdoor spaces of Villa Ada Savoia in Rome, the opportunity for the band from Arezzo to present live all the most successful songs in an unprecedented key since to accompany Bruni’s voice will be only the natural strength of the instruments, in total acoustic. For the Negrita, “La Teatrale Summer Tour 2021” is a real rebirth, not only the way to pick up where they left off, but a tour that is a great party to start over.

The words of the Negrita on Instagram


Pau dei Negrita’s drawings for the first time on display in Cremona

In announcing the departure of their summer tour, “La Teatrale Summer Tour 2021” last May, Negrita communicated to the fans all their desire to come back live and the lack of all that sharing emotions and reactions that are generated between the band and the audience under the stage. Sharing was abruptly interrupted due to the arrival of the pandemic (THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES – THE MAP) which for more than a year has imposed a halt to major events. These are the words of the band on Instagram “Finally here we are: welcome back to us, but above all to you! Those who believed that a concert without an audience was achievable understood that fans have the same specific weight as bands: who would we be without you? At some point we had stopped believing in it, thinking of a future similar to the cover of Radio Zombie. Instead, we have built up so much energy that it blows you away at the first chord! Precisely for this reason, we didn’t just want to start where we left off, but we set up a real tour: that of rebirth! May the fiesta start again! ”.

I Negrita in concert in Rome, the lineup of the evening


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The “Banda” (nickname of the Negrita) is back on tour tonight, Wednesday 28 July, with a lineup that, as seen in previous dates, will retrace all the most famous songs in an acoustic version, to sing and get excited with the public. Here is the possible ladder that Negrita will sing on the stage set up in the wonderful green park of Villa Ada Savoia, in the capital:

  1. The game
  2. Damned to live
  3. They will never come back
  4. I will burn for you
  5. Greta
  6. In every atom
  7. The book in one hand, the bomb in the other
  8. Of yours
  9. Malavida en Bs. As.
  10. Hemingway
  11. What is the noise of happiness?
  12. No problem
  13. Change
  14. Magnolia
  15. Radio Conga
  16. A day of ordinary magic
  17. Rolling South
  18. Mama Maè
  19. I have learned to dream
  20. Your song
  21. Infinite joy


Negrita concert Rome lineup info

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