Temptation Island, slaps and insults fly between Manuela and Stefano at the comparison bonfire (VIDEO)

Temptation Island, slaps and insults fly between Manuela and Stefano at the comparison bonfire (VIDEO)
Temptation Island, slaps and insults fly between Manuela and Stefano at the comparison bonfire (VIDEO)

The final confrontation bonfire between Stefano and Manuela is nothing short of fiery and displaces Temptation Island fans

The path of Manuela Carriero e Stefano Sirena a Temptation Island. The Pugliese let herself go, exchanging a fiery kiss with Luciano Punzo, to then face the boyfriend at the final confrontation bonfire. Stefano has provoked Manuela, who gave his companion a sound slap in the face, before reproaching him with all his suffering. Despite the mediation of Filippo Bisciglia, Manuela e Stefano they left the program separate. But what happened one month after the end filming?

Temptation Island, at the bonfire of Manuela and Stefano everything happens

Manuela Carriero e Stefano Sirena they decided to participate in Temptation Island to try to fix their relationship, heavily damaged by repetitions betrayals of the cestita. In the village of girlfriends, Manuela approached the tempter Luciano Punzo, who courted her relentlessly, making her discover the pleasure of being the center of a man’s attention. Stefano, initially out of spite, he deepened his interest in the single Federica, which with the passing of the days has become fundamental for his path in Canale5 reality show. In the Final bet of the program, Luciano managed to snatch a Manuela a kiss intense and the promise to live far from the village, under the incredulous eyes of Stefano who destroyed the pinnettu in frustration.

Arrived at comparison bonfire, Manuela and Stefano they faced each other with no holds barred but, when the basketball player insulted his girlfriend accusing her of being insecure and listing the surgeries she had undergone, she never saw us again and hit him with a slap in the face. The couple was separated from Filippo Bisciglia, shocked by what just happened. The confrontation went on between tears, discussions and admissions but the ending could only be one: Manuela and Stefano leave separate from Temptation Island. But what happened a month later?

The Carrier admitted that she felt disoriented after the farewell a Stefano, as she has been used to sharing a house with him for 4 years. Luckily, Luciano he has kept his promise, and continues to be very present in the life of Manuela, confessing that he hopes she is the right woman after spending three days together in a hotel in Naples. StefanoInstead, he admitted that he is jealous of Manuela’s new acquaintance, but also hopes that she is happy. He, for his part, is continuing to attend the single Federica, who says she is very enthusiastic about the relationship with the Siren.

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Temptation Island slaps insults fly Manuela Stefano comparison bonfire VIDEO

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