The shocking video on Capitol Hill: “Let’s execute them one by one”

The shocking video on Capitol Hill: “Let’s execute them one by one”
The shocking video on Capitol Hill: “Let’s execute them one by one”

“Let’s make a list, put the names in and execute them one by one.” The message launched by one of the insurgents to the other participants in the siege, a few meters from a scaffold mounted outside Capitol Hill, is the most chilling passage of the unpublished video on the assault on Congress, shown at the opening of the first hearing of the commission of ‘ investigation into the events of January 6.

The “targets” to “go to the guillotine”, as the demonstrators define the gallows with the rope, are the Democratic representatives, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and the then vice president Mike Pence, that one of the insurgents, in another fragment of the video, defines “traitor”.

“Hang Pence, hang Pence,” shouts the crowd. The images show the assault on the policemen, who offer passive resistance, while they are made the object of throwing pieces of iron, sticks, stinging spray, gas. The video ends with one of the attackers saying: “We absolutely need 30,000 weapons.” And another adds: “This is the next step.”

The commission’s real goal is to shed light on the role played by some Republican representatives of Congress and former President Donald Trump, “before, during and after the siege,” said Congresswoman Liz Cheney, one of the two conservative members of the commission. One of the policemen heard drew attention to the “instigators”: “If a hitman is hired and kills someone – said agent Harry Dunn, who was on duty on Capitol Hill – the hitman goes to jail. But not only the assassin goes there, but the person who hired him ». “On January 6 they carried out an attack – he added – and someone sent them”.


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