Immigration, Biden-’s failed promises

Immigration, Biden-’s failed promises
Immigration, Biden-’s failed promises

On January 20, on the first day in the White House, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order to block the construction of the Trumpian wall. Yesterday, Tuesday 27 July, the president reinstated the procedure of summary rejections on the border with Mexico. In concrete terms: the Border Patrol agents will carry out a quick check of the documents and will send back all the illegal immigrants, including asylum seekers, until now expelled by a judge’s decision.

In seven months, therefore, the Democratic Administration has radically changed its approach, although no one in Washington recognizes what a blatant political failure.Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris had promised a breakthrough in immigration policy, ending Donald Trump’s hard-line season. But the results have not been seen. The stop to the completion of the barriers has only made it difficult for the border policemen who have had to continue to apply the same laws as before, but with less means and funds available. A gift to human traffickers who have limited themselves to raising prices for the clandestine passage of the Rio Grande, Texas, or the Pacific Ocean, California.

The figures are merciless. In June alone, police arrested 178,000 people, 5% more than in 2020. Since the beginning of 2021, the total number of detentions has already reached a traumatic threshold: one million. Meanwhile Biden, Harris and the Democratic leadership in Congress have failed to even negotiate with the Republicans for the much-heralded comprehensive immigration reform. And so, after seven months of unrealistic promises and essentially nothing, the Administration sadly folds back, with a lockout at the border. The left and human rights activists are in turmoil. Liberals and moderates watch baffled Biden and Harris go round in circles.

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Immigration Biden Corriereits failed promises

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