Civic Ecologist Left, Gualtieri: “Let’s take a democratic and anti-fascist Rome”

Civic Ecologist Left, Gualtieri: “Let’s take a democratic and anti-fascist Rome”
Civic Ecologist Left, Gualtieri: “Let’s take a democratic and anti-fascist Rome”

Over two hundred people in the square in Testaccio, the candidate for mayor: “Neoliberalism and ordoliberalism have failed”. On the track the ticket Roberta Agostini – Alessandro Luparelli.

Successful square test in Testaccio for the unitary list of the left, the Ecological Civic Left born from the pact between Free Rome, Left x Rome by Stefano Fassina, Article 1, Italian Left, E’Viva and other acronyms ofassociations and of militancy on the left of the PD.

About two hundred executives, activists and interested parties listened to Roberto Gualtieri blessing the operation on the left in the gardens of Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice on the afternoon of July 26. Microphone for activists, militants and future candidates, then the former Minister of Economy and Finance takes the floor.

“We want to unite the broad alignment of the center-left and having a unified list of the left is fundamental”, Gualtieri says: “With Covid, a profound and dramatic process of fractures and inequalities has taken place in our city that deeply affects the fabric of the city. Primary rights and political rights have reached a level of drama never seen before. All in a context in which the same economic theories have been propagated for years: neoliberalism and ordoliberalism were wrong, we said it, today Joe Biden says it too. This is why the city’s common goods and public policies will be a pillar of administrative action. We will work to ensure that Rome is not the capital of undeclared work, we will fight exploitation in all forms, even if the municipality is a poor-quality employer through procurement and subcontracting mechanisms. Housing and the right to housing will be priorities, as will gender policies: this is not a city for women and we will work for women’s autonomy. Rome must be made a political and social laboratory, against this conservative and reactionary right we deploy a democratic and anti-fascist Rome and this list is precious ”.

The first tickets are visible. Several sources confirm to RomaToday that the leading match will be that between Roberta Agostini and Alessandro Luparelli. The first, formerly a parliamentarian, today in the national directive of Article 1 and the second already a candidate in the primary of the VII Municipality, activist of the Spartaco social center and absolute surprise at the latest municipal consultations. Italian Left should nominate Marilena Grassadonia, former president of the Arcobaleno families and standard bearer of the struggle in support of the Zan DDL. In the Liberare Roma area, Maya Vietri, a historic activist from Casetta Rossa in Garbatella, and Paolo Barros, former councilor of the M5S at the IX Municipio and representative of second generation Italians, warm up. Also in the square Stefano Fassina, outgoing municipal councilor and second Republic in predicate as leader.

“Against those who make strange strips we say: this is the space of recomposition”, Luparelli articulates, referring not too subtly to Giovanni Caudo’s Future Rome: “We will be concrete and faithful allies of the Democratic Party and we will be able to keep a city together where in every corner there is an association of the left ”.

“Gualtieri, you are a leftist like us”, says Roberta Agostini: “The pandemic is a watershed that calls into question every prevailing ideology. This is a list of the left, feminist, who works for the accessible city, the city of 15 minutes, for the city of healing. We are here ”, he concludes,“ to build the second leg of the coalition ”.


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