McLaren 765LT Spider: photos and features of the most powerful convertible ever

McLaren 765LT Spider: photos and features of the most powerful convertible ever
McLaren 765LT Spider: photos and features of the most powerful convertible ever

The most powerful discovery in Woking will be produced in 765 units, such as the coupe with which it shares the 4.0-liter 765 hp V8 engine. The price of the McLaren starts at 378,500 euros

A little over a year after the coupé’s debut, the sleek world of supercars welcomes the even more exclusive McLaren 765LT Spider. The new flagship of the Super Series range is the most powerful open car ever produced in Woking, in light of the 765 hp and 800 Nm of maximum torque delivered by the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. As the coupe will be produced in 765 copies, orderable at a price of 378,500 euros. The presale has already begun and those interested should hurry up, considering how quickly the coupe sold out.

McLaren 765LT Spider: characteristics

The work of the British technicians was mainly focused on containing the increase in weight, due to the roof opening and closing system and the necessary structural reinforcements brought to the monocoque fiber frame. The carbon ranges from the windshield frame to the roof, up to the frame where it is positioned to form a single shell with the bodywork when traveling covered. The result is an overweight of only 49 kg for a hard-top capable of completing the opening and closing operation in just 11 seconds. The total weight of the McLaren 765LT Spider reaches 1,388 kg, 80 less than the 720S Spider. Numbers that are worth a weight / power ratio at the top of the category and dizzying performance: 0-100 km / h filed in 2.8 seconds, only 7.2 to reach 200 km / h, while the maximum speed exceeds 330 km / h. According to the technicians of Woking, this is a 15% improvement over the 720S, also obtained thanks to the gearbox capable of more quickly scanning the 800 Nm of torque downloaded to the rear axle. To keep the 765LT Spider glued to the ground, slight changes have been made to various carbon fiber elements, such as front splitter, rear wing, diffuser and side skirts. The benefits translate into a 25% increase in downforce compared to the open 720S, while grip is entrusted to Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires developed ad-hoc and mounted on ultra-light alloy rims. The structure is chaired by the Active Dynamics system which provides three driving modes.

McLaren 765LT Spider: interior

Even the passenger compartment, covered in leather and Alcantara, was not spared by interventions aimed at reducing weight. No mats, no air conditioner, no audio system manageable by the small 8 ”screen of the infotainment system. A lot of carbon fiber, on the other hand, inside: from the floor to the structure of the sports seats, passing through the central tunnel and the steering wheel inserts.

McLaren 765LT Spider: technical sheet

Motor V8 twin-turbo petrol; displacement 3,994 cc; max power 765 Hp; torque max. 800 Nm at 5,500 rpm
Transmission Automatic 7-speed SSG; rear-wheel Drive
Dimensions length 4,600 mm; width 2,161; height 1,193 mm; step 2.670; weight in running order 1,388 kg; trunk 150 liters
Performance 0-100 km / h 2.8 seconds; 0-200 km / h 7.2 seconds; 0-300 km / h 19.3 seconds; maximum speed 330 km / h
Price starting from 378,500 euros

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McLaren #765LT Spider photos features powerful convertible

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