Coronavirus, 144,961 vaccines made today at the MagicLand in Rome

Tuesday 27 July 2021 – 21:27

Coronavirus, 144,961 vaccines made today at the MagicLand in Rome

Campaign in collaboration with ASL Roma 5

Rome, July 27 (askanews) – The collaboration between MagicLand and ASL Roma 5 continues in favor of the anti Covid 19 vaccination campaign of the Lazio Region: from April 2021, the largest Amusement Park in Central Southern Italy has made some of the own spaces in order to facilitate the entry, waiting and exit operations of users who go there to receive their vaccine.

The partnership began with the provision, free of charge, of a part of the parking area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters. Starting last Friday, MagicLand has reserved an additional space – equal to about 39 thousand square meters and entirely covered by shelters – which will allow people who go to the Drive-In to wait for their turn away from the high temperatures of the period. This area is independent and totally separate from the car park for visitors to the Amusement Park, who will continue to have large shaded spaces near the entrance gates.

Guido Zucchi, CEO of MagicLand, declares: “MagicLand has always represented ‘fun in safety’. Today, even more, safety means protecting yourself from Covid and receiving a vaccine. Driven by this spirit, we are proud to make part of our parking available and contribute so that the Valmontone vaccination hub can be even more efficient and face the extraordinary work done every day for the benefit of the community ”. (Continued)


Coronavirus vaccines today MagicLand Rome

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