for us and Michetti freedom means respect

Tuesday 27 July 2021 – 19:26

Rome, Lega: for us and Michetti freedom means respect

“For the left of Calenda it is an obligation”

Rome, July 27 (askanews) – “For Calenda’s left, freedom consists in being forced to do something, otherwise one is placed out of the social context. For us, as for Enrico Michetti, freedom is something much deeper. It means asking yourself about people’s fears, holding out your hand and respecting even what you don’t share. We recommend to Carlo Calenda a beautiful book by Erich Fromm ‘Escape from Freedom’, so perhaps, reading the first part, he too, begins to understand, as the supine acceptance of something, has never produced anything good and lasting “. This was declared in a note by Maurizio Politi, leader of the Lega group in the Capitoline Assembly and Flavia Cerquoni, manager of Lega Roma.


Michetti freedom means respect

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