Cernusco: Green pass obligation, assault on the Technoprobe hub. But from Wednesday to August 1 vaccinations only until 2 pm

Cernusco: Green pass obligation, assault on the Technoprobe hub. But from Wednesday to August 1 vaccinations only until 2 pm
Cernusco: Green pass obligation, assault on the Technoprobe hub. But from Wednesday to August 1 vaccinations only until 2 pm

The vaccine hub (archive photo)

The obligation of the Green pass in order to travel and therefore go on vacation has unleashed a real assault onhub vaccine from the Technoprobe a Cernusco Lombardone. And the pressure on the part of those who would like to get vaccinated is increasing, there is a slowdown in activity with a reduction in the opening hours of the vaccination center, due to the scarce availability of vaccines.
But let’s go in order. Yesterday afternoon, Monday, about sixty people showed up at the entrance of the center, hoping to be vaccinated with any advanced doses, compared to the normal schedule. A completely unexpected situation that created some problems of “public order”, as everyone believed they had precedence over the others … The situation even threatened to degenerate and to restore calm it was necessary the intervention of the security guard in charge to the safety of the company. An episode that is unbelievable, considering that the excess doses every day, due to the scientific division of the bottles, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Furthermore, there are often no more than two or three and are managed by medical staff according to pre-established parameters and procedures, which leave no room for staff discretion.
“It is absurd what happened last night – told us one of the nurses present – there were people who had not even made the reservation and wanted to be vaccinated. Unfortunately there were also episodes of rudeness and some moments of lively discussion among the people present who felt they had more right than others to be vaccinated. It was an unfortunate and absurd episode, above all because there were no vaccines available ”.
It all started around 19 when citizens began to arrive who, despite not having booked the vaccine, queued up. At 8 pm, when the vaccination center closed, about sixty people were ready to do anything to receive a dose of the vaccine. Although the medical and nursing staff had explained to them that there were no doses, no one wanted to leave in the foolish hope of getting a dose that was not there.
“We did not expect such a situation – he explained to us Dr. Marta Brambilla – and therefore we were taken by surprise. The introduction of the Green pass obligation by the government has accelerated the vaccine race, but it is necessary to respect the rules. From this evening, Tuesday, those who do not have a reservation will not be allowed to enter the vaccination center but will be blocked in the parking area. So those who do not have a regular booking are useless to show up, it is essential to follow the procedure also in order not to compromise the vaccination of those who respect them “.
So those who are desperately looking for a dose of vaccine to be able to go on holiday freely would do well first to book through the Lombardy Region portal, which is the only way to be vaccinated.
“It is incredible what happened last night – confirmed the security guard Ferruccio Amonini – Such a thing had never happened before. Occasionally someone shows up hoping to get an advanced vaccine, but usually when they realize there aren’t any, they give up. Last night, unfortunately, no one wanted to hear reasons and it was not easy to bring the situation back to normal. From today, those who do not have a reservation will not pass the parking area… Now they are warned ”.
Just today, to cope with the peak of requests received following government provisions, new booking slots were activated at the Palataurus di Maggianico in Lecco and at the vaccination center in Mapello, all in all not far from Cernusco Lombardone.
Finally, starting tomorrow the activity of the Cernusco Lombardone hub will be halved, due to the scarce availability of vaccines. According to what was communicated by the Ats from 28 July to 1 August, the Vaccine Center will be open from 8 to 14 and not until 20 as was the case until today. This decision was necessary due to a temporary decrease in available vaccines. From 2 August, however, asst informs, the activity will resume at full speed for twelve hours a day, seven days a week. A temporary slowdown that should not cause particular inconvenience. Or at least hopefully …

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