Germany: 15,000 motorcycles in a child’s home to fight cancer

Germany: 15,000 motorcycles in a child’s home to fight cancer
Germany: 15,000 motorcycles in a child’s home to fight cancer

We have already seen that motorcyclists have a big heart with several examples. Another demonstration of solidarity comes from Germany, for an unfortunate child.


There are several types of treatments. More or less invasive, some act on a broad spectrum and others are more direct. Some, on the other hand, do not affect the disease, but help the soul. Because there is nothing stronger than a positive and fighting spirit to deal with a disease, even in a six-year-old child. In fact, this story comes from Germany, where a 6 year old child was diagnosed with cancer.

His family made a special request to help the child cope with the treatment: the son is passionate about motorcycles, so he asked the motorcyclists of a local motorbike club to go by motorbike in front of the house, because even just the sight of a motorbike of any kind brings him joy and makes him feel good. The parents thought that even about fifty motorcycles could make a pass in front of the windows of the house. The request then became a whirlwind, a word of mouth that ran fast and numerous on the web, very numerous: in the end, along the road in front of the house, more than 15,000 motorcyclists paraded.


We can say everything about motorcyclists, certainly some do not behave in compliance with the highway code, but when called into question, they respond with everything they have at their disposal: their hearts and their iron. He had already thought about it more than 10 years ago Mark Hawwa, who with the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, between the serious and the goliardic, from Australia has infected the whole world with the image of the gentleman motorcyclist, in stark contrast to that of the hooligan. At the first show, he then joined a fundraiser in favor of scientific research on prostate cancer and male mental health. Result: since 2021 it has involved 65,710 bikers and raised over 31 million dollars worldwide.

And what about those harleysts who saved a woman from her violent partner, with night patrols under the house? Even if you see them in leather jackets adorned with a thousand patches, long beards and full-bodied arms, fear not. Behind this image, there is an ordinary person, a lawyer like a worker or an employee, a parent, who cares about other people.

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