here are the new extensions for December 2021

here are the new extensions for December 2021
here are the new extensions for December 2021

Contagions very different from the first and second waves, but inevitably always high alert. And here then the government is about to formalize the extension of the state of emergency until 31 December 2021 (it was due on July 31st). With the move, consequently, there are news for motorists, with new deadlines and extensions for driving licenses.

License renewal and pink paper: what you need to know

They will indeed be the deadlines for the pink sheets, the CQC (Driver Qualification Card) and the renewal of driving licenses have been extended. The latter currently had a deadline set for October 29, 2021. But with the extension of the state of emergency to December 31, the timing will be further extended. With great satisfaction from Confarca, the trade association of driving schools, consultancy firms, nautical schools and inspection centers.

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While waiting to read the final text of the ministerial decree, we can still declare ourselves satisfied – commented the president of Confarca, Paolo Colangelo -. The extension will solve problems in provinces with delays in practical exams, however the time has come to start a structural reform with new staffing. We cannot always hope for extensions and postponements to heal an anomaly that has been going on for years and that the Covid-19 emergency has only accentuated. We hope that the Recovery Fund can also be invested in resolving the atavistic issues concerning the Civil Motorization“.

The Green Pass to help driving schools?

A further hope of Confarca is given by the fact that thanks to the introduction of the Green Pass the driving schools can reduce interpersonal distances in order to welcome a number of students comparable to the pre-Covid one.

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Ten more months for the review

Not just driving titles. The extended state of emergency in December also affects the revisions. All those maturing or expired between September 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 I’m automatically extended for another ten months. On the other hand, there is no information on the Mise website regarding those expiring or expired in the months following the indicated term. Therefore, not being included in the extension, it is clear that they must be excluded from the postponement of the following months and must therefore be paid within the deadline present in the vehicle registration document.

Extension of payment for car tax

Also those who still have to pay the stamp duty should be noted on the agenda. Before the extension, the deadline was set for last June 30th. Now, with the new decree waiting to be formalized, the deadline has been moved, just like for the revisions, by ten months.

Unlike the revisions, however, some Italian regions have independently decided to move the deadlines again, selling to meet the needs of their citizens. For example in Piedmont the deadline for making the payment is set at August 2, 2021: within this date the vehicle taxes due in the months of April, May and June 2021. The advice is to always check thereand new regional provisions close to the deadlines.

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