Rome, “The lesson of Marco”, the presentation of the book on Pannella written by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio

Rome, “The lesson of Marco”, the presentation of the book on Pannella written by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio
Rome, “The lesson of Marco”, the presentation of the book on Pannella written by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio

“Marco’s lesson”, The presentation of the book on Pannella on 29 July in Rome a6 pm at the Campidoglio, at the Protomoteca Hall, written by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio. In addition to the author, there will be Virginia Raggi, Gianfranco Amendola, Maurizio Turco, Jacopo Mele, Domenico De Masi. Moderated by Giovanni Valentini.

The civil rights warrior, the great politician and the activist, the great passion and the struggles for the environment. Marco Pannella, the leader of the Radical Party who passed away just over five years ago, has anticipated many issues that are still current and central to the political discussion: Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio in the book “Marco’s lesson. Bread, Work, Ecology: from No to 5-star party politics “, the first of which presentation is scheduled in Rome on 29 July, at 18:00, at the Protomoteca Hall of the Campidoglio.

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During the meeting free and open to the public upon registration, the author – founder of the Greens as well as early radical, who shared many of these battles with Pannella – will retrace the experience of the great Italian politician together with the magistrate Gianfranco Amendola, the Secretary of the Radical Party Maurizio Turco, the Digital Life Coach Jacopo Mele and the sociologist Domenico De Masi, moderated from journalist Giovanni Valentini. He will greet those present there Mayor Virginia Raggi.

Of the formidable political history of leader of the Radical Party many remember the countryside and the referendum on divorce, civil rights, anti-prohibitionism and still his Ghandian spirit and commitment on prisons and justice. In the essay published by Paese Edizioni, however, the author tries to bring out also the passion and the struggles for the environment: from the push against nuclear power to no to hunting, from the appeals to buffer the hydrogeological instability of the country to the hundred days in which, as president of the Municipality of Ostia, he activated the bulldozers to break down building abuses and was the first to denounce the presence of the Mafia in Rome. The essay also explores a classic theme of ecology of politics. The author recognizes Marco Pannella as the inventor of the term “party power” and of the fight against political malpractice and public financing of parties. Topics that return, together with the environment, among the main reasons for the success of the Five Star Movement.

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Without forgetting the new method of doing politics, post-party and post-ideological by Marco Pannella. Many are wondering what he would have invented today in the era of the pandemic, of the ecological transition advocated by all and of the degeneration of the political class. Certainly he would not have stood by and watched. But, to be made his own, he would have acted with a “secular fury” interested only in the good of the community and the health of the planet in which we live. This is the greatest lesson that Marco Pannella bequeathed.

“We are not politicians, deputies, leaders: we fight, for what we owe and for what we believe. And this is the difference that sooner or later, hopefully not too late, will have to be understood ». Marco Pannella

Considering the capacity limits, it is advisable to register by sending an email to [email protected]

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