Telecom: rumor about new DAZN football offer. What changes?

Telecom: rumor about new DAZN football offer. What changes?
Telecom: rumor about new DAZN football offer. What changes?

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by Davide Pantaleo


Telecom Italia Ftse Mib

Telecom Italia travels just above par, without being influenced by the latest rumors. What’s boiling in the pot?

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The new week began with a session without particular emotions for Telecom Italia, which moves substantially in line with the Ftse Mib.

Telecom Italia close to parity

The stock, after losing just under one percentage point last Friday, started trading around parity today, staying close to it.

In the last few minutes, Telecom Italia is at € 0.3727, with a fractional increase of 0.27% and over 27 million shares traded, against the average of the last 30 days of approximately 94 million.

Telecom and DANZ ready to offer remedies to authority on football offer

The stock ends up in the spotlight after Bloomberg reported Friday afternoon that Telecom Italia and DAZN would propose remedies to the competition authority in relation to the TIM VISION-DAZN offering.

The remedies should be announced shortly, with the antitrust authority expected to decide on the matter by July 30, and could involve the separation of the football offer and connectivity.

In theory, TIM has already structured an offer that is also available to customers of other TLC operators, but the advertising message on the possibility of unbundling is not very clear.

This could be an area where TIM and DAZN are offering remedies and meanwhile the weekend papers have not offered additional insights.

Telecom Italia under review by Equita SIM

Equita analysts think that it is important for Telecom Italia that the offer is not stopped by the authorities, because they think it can lead to good growth in broadband customers and a reduction in churn.

In detail, experts expect 320,000 broadband customers in the second half of 2021 from 160,000 expected in the first half of the year, even considering the launch of Iliad from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Clearly, compared to the current situation in which TIM is able to take customers from competitors thanks to football content, greater transparency on the possibility for customers to take football content without switching to TIM would reduce the appeal of the new package.

Equita SIM analysts are therefore waiting to learn about the decisions of the authority and the remedies offered by Telecom Italia in order to assess their impact on the numbers of TIM Vision’s offer.

Pending news, the Milanese SIM maintains a cautious view on the stock, with a “hold” recommendation and a target price of € 0.37.

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Telecom rumor DAZN football offer

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