Cartabia reform, the opinion of the CSM postponed to 5 August: late for discussion in the Chamber. The minister had pushed for postponement of the plenum

As requested by the minister Marta Cartabia and recommended by head of state in person, the High Council of the Judiciary will express its opinion onentire reform project of the criminal trial. But the August 5, when the text – in the Government’s plans – will have already been approved by the House with vote of confidence. Thus, the fears of some of the directors and the suspicions about the timing of the Keeper’s request, which arrived only after a very critical opinion oninadmissibility (the key content of the reform) approved on 22 July by the sixth commission, competent in matters of corruption and anti-mafia.

That opinion should have been voted on by the plenum – the full body – on the 28th, but it was not scheduled. at the instigation of the President of the Republic: which suggested to the CSM the opportunity to “postpone – even if only for a few days – the inclusion of the file on the agenda (…) so that the Council gives its opinion on the reform as a whole, so as to allow Parliament (…) to avail itself of an in-depth and complete technical evaluation“. That technical evaluation, however, almost certainly in the Chamber it will not arrive in time: because the document – which the Sixth Commission plans to dismiss by the end of the week – will be approved by the plenum in an extraordinary session on 5 August, while the discussion on the reform with an attached question of trust will begin Friday 30 July.

“If you ask the CSM for an opinion on a complex and articulated reform, then you have to allow to the same Csm to provide its contribution. The question of trust posed on July 30 would pay off impossible do it ”, he said a few days ago, interviewed by Republic, the professional advisor of the progressives of the Area Giuseppe Cascini. “The paradoxical effect – he explained – would be to remove the knowledge of the Chamber andpublic opinion the content of the non-passable opinion that the Commission has already processed“. Thus, however, there will be one less obstacle on the path of reform.

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