restyling for the lost “living room” in northern Rome

restyling for the lost “living room” in northern Rome
restyling for the lost “living room” in northern Rome

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July 26, 2021 10:11 am

Work in progress in heart of Vigna Clara. The preparatory interventions for the complete restyling of Piazza Stefano Jacini and the homonymous street have begun: the culmination of a path started over two years ago and which saw the close collaboration between the XV Municipality and the residents with the former president of Rai, Roberto Zaccaria, and the actress Monica Guerritore to become the well-known faces of the “Per Jacini” association, that of active inhabitants and participants in the rmaking of the lost “parlor” of northern Rome.

Works at Vigna Clara: restyling for the lost “living room” in northern Rome

The area has been fenced off and Areti, the local electricity distributor in Rome, is working on the new lighting and to the irrigation system that will have to keep the new Jacini square green and luxuriant. A small square for years distorted by its function of aggregative space. Definitely unwelcoming. Desolating the central flowerbeds reduced to tubs of earth, the almost invisible paths, deteriorated as well as the central seats and the pavement, hollow and irregular. Around wild oleanders and that battery of bins often in poor condition, as well as the collection point of paper and cardboard of commercial activities which, when the Multiservizi skips collection, quickly turns into a wall of packaging. A bad view for the residents, but also for the local traders: Jacini, with the historic Odeon cinema resisting the corner, is the shopping square of the neighborhood where boutiques and bookstores have not given up on shopping malls. A scenario to be overturned and made green, decent and practicable.

Piazza Jacini ready for rebirth

The mowing of the weeds on the pavement in cobblestones; the restoration of both the cobblestone pavement and the asphalt pavement and relative uprooted granite edges. In Piazza Jacini panels will then be installed on three of the four sides of the current location of the bins that will be replaced. In the garden there are eight concrete tables, a fountain with a recirculation system and a water collection tank for irrigating flower beds, new slides for the removal of architectural barriers. Then the writings that smear the furnishings that will be clean, expected three new light points in the green areas and in the center of the square. “Bollards will also be positioned to prevent parking inside the flower beds as unfortunately happened” – Simonelli added.

Regarding via Stefano Jacini the relocation of all the granite edges is planned; the replacement of all the lintel drains with iron sheet metal and the re-elevation of the relative wells. New travertine edges will be installed; cultivated land for flowerbeds and over 180 ‘Roma’ type parapedonals.

It also works on via di Vigna Stelluti, the shopping street of northern Rome: “The pavement and loops for the bins will be restored, the sidewalks will be put into use in all their completeness”. In the middle of the summer, a week of extraordinary works on the asphalt from via Colajanni to Corso Francia is planned. “A very important intervention wanted by the citizens. In September – underlined Simonelli – life, dignity and luster will be restored to the square and this quadrant “.


restyling lost living room northern Rome

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