Cashback rankings: the definitive one in September!

Cashback rankings: the definitive one in September!
Cashback rankings: the definitive one in September!

While normal cashback beneficiaries (10% discounto) are already receiving refunds, there is still to wait for the final and official ranking of the super cashback, which will not arrive before September, payments by 30 November. Let’s see what you can do if you are left out.

Last July 15, 2021, on the official application IO, have appeared two messages communicating the end of the counts regarding valid cashback transactions, which provides a 10% discount for each transaction for a maximum of 150 euros, and for those of the super cashback, which instead provide a rich reward for the first hundred thousand users who have made more digital payments.

However, there will still be a wait for the famous one ranking of the hundred thousand, given that complaints have been open since 15 July (to be forwarded to Consap through a form) for all those users who have remained out and have had several transactions canceled.

This is the message that appeared on the Io app:

The one hundred thousand users with the highest number of transactions receive super cashback, a prize of 1,500 euros. The ranking for this period is closed.

As for the figures, within the application you can see that (at the moment) the last of the ranking of one hundred thousand who is entitled to a refund from 1,500 euros made 787 valid transactions.

Instead, there are thousands of transactions made by users at the top of this special ranking.

Let’s find out in detail how many have joined the measure and when the refunds will arrive.

Cashback and super cashback ranking: numbers and details

Almost nine million Italians registered for the Cashabcke reimbursement program thus joined the initiative strongly desired by the Government led by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, while more than 6 million are entitled to a refund of 150 euros.

Let’s remember the basic rules for achieving the 10% refund for each single transaction for a maximum of 150 euro:

  • you need to buy only using digital payment tools such as credit, debit, prepaid cards, wire transfers or some payment apps that have not yet been enabled;
  • the minimum transactions to be made are fifty over a six-month period, therefore relative to the first semester in the period starting from the first January 2021 to June 30, 2021;
  • refunds they are not valid on online purchases, therefore it is not possible to buy directly from e-commerce.

On the basis of what is read in the first article of the Decree-law published in the Gazette on 30 June 2021, which announced the cancellation of the second half of the cashback scheduled from July 1st to December 31st 2021, no reference is made to a definite rejection.

In fact, the third semester which should start on January 1st of next year and end on June 30th 2022 is mentioned in this Decree.

For this to happen, however, several will have to be carried out changes to the measure, as announced by the various representatives of the Government, who are divided between in favor and against.

To make the measure more fit for purpose (tracking money and fighting tax evasion) for which it was introduced, it could be act on various fields.

One could be for example that of limit purchases only for certain types of spending where there is really a very low use of digital cards, and not literally giving refunds to those who buy in sectors where the use of cash is already low enough.

In addition, a spending limit could also be introduced transactions (for example, do not provide for any reimbursement for transactions under ten / twenty euros). In addition of course to the elimination of the 1,500 euro super cashback, this measure, already hypothesized by the Draghi government.

Cashback and super cashback: when refunds arrive

Users cashback beneficiaries will receive payments on the card registered in the IO application by sixty days from the close of cashabck of 30 June. In fact, in July, the various counts of valid transactions carried out by the participants, who are already receiving bank transfers, started.

Also on the IO application, a communication will arrive to those who have received the refund, while for those who have seen their transactions canceled, complaints have been opened to be forwarded to Consap starting from 15 July.

As for the super cashabck, refund payments will arrive by November 30 this year. This is because the time frame for complaints has been extended to 120 days after the first period.

The ranking is closed, but it still can easily change after complaints of dissatisfied users (click here to find out more). It will be up to Consap to communicate – within thirty days of receiving the application – the acceptance or invalidity of the complaint.

Are payments at risk? The Government has made it known that the reimbursements will arrive within the limit of € 1,367 million for the first half of the year of the initiative e 1,347 for the third semester (which would then be the second) which runs from January to June 2022.

As for the super cashabck, based on the provisions of art. 3 bis of the decree, the funds allocated by the Government are one hundred million euros, which will be divided, as for the normal cashabck, in a proportional manner if they are not enough to satisfy all the beneficiary users.

How to submit cashback claims

Furthermore, a claim for the cashabck it’s pretty simple. Just go to the Consap site and fill out the form on the site. As we can read on the site, complaints must be sent only in the event that there is a missing or incorrect transaction on the IO application.

What do I need to have to make a claim?

First you must be in possession of a digital identity document, then SPID or CNS, which will be used to register on the portal (if you do not already have a profile) and then subsequently attach the receipts and payment receipts that are considered valid.

We remind you that it is possible to make complaints from 15 July and no later than 29 August 2021. Consap will reply within thirty days.

If the complaints are successful, refunds will be received by the dates communicated in the previous paragraphs.

Consap makes it known through the site that only applications made through the information on the site will be taken into consideration.

Any other request through the IO app will not be taken into account.

There has been much talk (and discussion) about the six-month break of the cashback wanted by the current government, and a possible (and probable) restart in just a few months will cause the same discussion.

The executive headed by the former President of the European Central Bank is wondering about the measures to be taken in the event of a restart. Above all whether the benefits outweigh the costs quite burdensome of the measure.

It takes time, even to study one winning formula to avoid the many, many “crafty” from carrying out many small consecutive transactions for the sole purpose of receiving the money. Obviously, seen from this perspective, the Government initiative appears as a useless waste of resources.

In addition, one should try to make the reimbursement tool fairer for everyone and that it does not create differences and economic inequalities between the different income brackets present in the population.

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