Fires in Sardinia, flames for days. Fifteen years to rebuild the woods – Sardinia

Fires in Sardinia, flames for days. Fifteen years to rebuild the woods – Sardinia
Fires in Sardinia, flames for days. Fifteen years to rebuild the woods – Sardinia

The work of the forestry corps, firefighters, civil protection and volunteers continues unabated to stem the devastating fire that for over 60 hours has been clearing the woods of Montiferru, in the Oristano area. There are still four active fires that sell dozens of men and regional and national air vehicles. Flames still in Suni where a helicopter and three Canadair are intervening next to the ground crews. In Santu Lussurgiu the situation is not the best after the dormant outbreaks regained strength this morning. They are currently dropping water bombs on zone four Canadair and a helicopter. Less worrying are the fires in Villaurbana, also in the Oristano area, and Sindia in the Nuorese area, where a total of two helicopters are employed alongside the men on the ground.

It was published by the regional Civil Protection a new fire hazard forecast bulletin for today. The danger, which concerns the whole Oristano area, the Montiferru, the Planargia and part of the Nuorese area, where the flames are still active after 60 hours, is classified as high and the “pre-alarm” has been triggered.

It will take at least 15 years to rebuild the woods and the Mediterranean scrub destroyed by the flames that reached pastures, olive trees, warehouses, barns with stocks of fodder and agricultural vehicles but also killed animals and it is a calamity with incalculable damage to agriculture in the over 20 thousand hectares that went on fire, emerges from a monitoring of Coldiretti.

ROGHI ALSO IN SICILY – In Erice (Trapani) a vast fire is devouring the greenery on the north side of the mountain. The damage is enormous. The flames also reached the coast in the Bonagia area. Other fires are reported in Sicily in the Sicani mountains and in Alcamo in the Trapani area. A vast fire is still underway in Burgio, in the Agrigento area, which since yesterday has affected a vast area of ​​the “Bosco dei Sicani”, a green lung of almost 6,000 hectares, one of the most renowned in Sicily. Two Canadair also at work from the first light of dawn. The mayor of Burgio Franco Matinella has launched an appeal to the citizens to report to the authorities the possible sighting of any arsonists against “yet another shameful and disgusting spectacle offered by those who cannot help but burn whole patches of green and send in I smoke hectares and hectares of wood “.

THE VAL PESCARA BURNS – After a respite of a few days, the flames and the high temperatures brought the fires back to Val Pescara. From late yesterday and throughout the night the firefighters worked for two large fires that developed in the areas of Torre de Passeri and Pietranico and then further south towards Scafa. Several teams also at work of the provincial detachments, to limit the flames. In the morning the remediation operations started.

ITALY BREAKED INTO TWO – Bad weather breaks Italy in two with hail, wind and storms that devastate fields, vineyards, orchards and stables in the North, while in the South vegetables and citrus groves are without water after three months without significant rains with the heat that has favored the flare-up of the fires from Sardinia to Puglia to Sicily. This was revealed by Coldiretti’s monitoring of the latest wave of bad weather and tropical heat that hit the peninsula with opposite but equally destructive effects – underlines the agricultural organization – with millions of euros in damage.

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