Una Vita advances: shocking mourning in Acacias

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Anticipations Una Vita, in the next Italian episodes of the telenovelas a mourning will change everything. Here’s what’s going to happen

The series is set in the early twentieth century, precisely between the years 1899 e 1920, and tells the stories of various families and the group of maids from the affluent neighborhood of Acacias, located in a indefinite city, most likely Madrid.

In detail, the soap opera “Una Vita” tells the exciting stories of families From la Serna, Álvarez Hermoso, Hidalgo and Palacios. Families that intertwine in the background of a rich stately building.

In June 2015, Mediaset acquired the rights to broadcast the series in Italy under the name of A life: its preview on Channel 5 it was a huge success with a share of 20.83%. From that moment on, “Una Vita” colors our summer afternoons, with new stories, intrigues and fascinating and mysterious settings.

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In the next Italian episodes from A life, the lawyer will have to renounce forever the possibility of having a child with his wife Genoveva Salmeron (Clara Garrido). A sudden twist in the plot of the telenovelas that could change everything forever.

Anticipations Una Vita, the shocking mourning that changes everything in the next episodes

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the advances they tell how it will all begin. In fact, the whole story will start at the moment in which Genoveva will be arrested for the murder of Marcia Sampaio (Trisha Fernandez), thanks to the testimony of the maid Laura Alonso (Agnes Llobet). Despite the accusations that will be collected by the Commissioner Aurelio Mendez (David Garcia Intriago) with the complicity of a Felipe now convinced of his guilt, Salmeron will be able to get away with it thanks to the legal advice of the shady Javier Velasco (Alejandro Carro).

Pointing on the fact that Genoveva, in addition to being the wife ofAlvarez Hermoso, will not attempt to leave the country because she is pregnant, Velasco will ensure that the judge gives permission to her client to return to her home until the trial takes place to ascertain whether or not she killed Sampaio. The dark lady will therefore return triumphantly to calle Acacias, but she will not be able to escape the fury of her husband Felipe.

‘Alvarez Hermoso will end up inadvertently giving Genoveva a push, who will bang her head and fall unconscious to the ground. Obviously, the lawyer will immediately arrange to call for help in order to bring the wife in hospital, but the woman’s health conditions will appear precarious from the first moment since the fall will have caused her a dangerous one increase in blood pressure. Shortly thereafter, Salmeron will then have a further crisis and the doctor treating her will not be able to do anything to save the baby she is carrying.

Although devastated by the news because theabortion of Genoveva will remind him of the previous ones of his late wife Celia (Ines Aldea), Felipe will tell his wife what happened. Unexpectedly, in the first hours of the tragic event, Salmeron will seem not to understand what her husband communicated to her, so much so that she will constantly touch her belly and talk to her baby as if he were to be born within a few months. However, the woman will have to resign herself to the tragedy when the doctor confirms, just like Felipe, that the baby is no longer there.

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