Green Pass sold on Telegram. Because buying them, in addition to being illegal, is a bad idea

In recent weeks, the Guardian di Finanza stopped some Telegram groups that promised the delivery of a fake Green Pass to those who were not entitled to it. In the last few hours the number of these groups has multiplied, and it is possible today in Italy with 100 euros to get your hands on a Green Pass that according to the sellers is not a fake, but a real document, duly registered.

We remind you that the Green Pass is composed of a QR Code that is generated, with a digital signature, directly from the health system, QR Code made to be decoded in a simple way, the digital signature travels with the certificate itself. We have shown ourselves, in recent weeks, how it is possible to read a Green Pass and see what data is present inside it. The detailed article can be reached from the link below.

The merchants, through an app, will be able to verify that the certificate is valid, and will obviously have to check that the certificate presented belongs, with an identity document, to the person who shows it. Forging a Green Pass is virtually impossible: the only shortcut is to give a namesake a valid Green Pass duly registered and generated by the Italian health system, which is connected to the European one.

Those who are selling fake Telegram Green Passes these days however assure potential customers that the Green Passes sold by them illegally are documents regularly issued by the official circuit, and for these there is both the paper version and the digital version. Could it be that easy?

There can be two cases: iThe first is that it is a colossal scam, people who after pocketing the money do not deliver the certificate at all, or deliver a fake one. The organizer of one of the groups is a lady Tranelli, and the name itself says it all.

In this case the risk is very low, it is a scam where only the one who tried to buy an illegal asset pays and, as is increasingly the case, remains with nothing in hand.

The second case, on the other hand, is the most dangerous: someone may have found a way to generate official Green Passes, perhaps taking advantage of some country belonging to the European Union where there are fewer controls and it is easier to enter a name, a surname, a date of birth. and a health card. The document would then be validated by the control apps, and would in effect be a real Green Pass. However, a cross-check between the people who have had the vaccine and the health cards of those registered on the Green Pass system would be enough to find those people who are on the system without having completed the vaccination. In this case the risk of criminal prosecution would be real.

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