“Careless words, the green pass devastates tourism”. And on Arcuri … – Time

“Careless words, the green pass devastates tourism”. And on Arcuri … – Time
“Careless words, the green pass devastates tourism”. And on Arcuri … – Time

Giorgia Peretti

July 26, 2021

Giorgia Meloni is the guest of honor in the first episode of “Morning News”, Monday 26 July. The morning talk show of the summer of Canale 5, under the conduction of Simona Branchini, makes its debut with an all-out interview with the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni. From the debate on the green pass to the vaccination campaign for young people to then get to comment on the recent news of the return to Palazzo Chigi of Domenico Arcuri, former commissioner for the Covid emergency in the Giallorossi government. Many question her about the about the hypothesis of a European green pass, Meloni replies as follows: “I am a little tired of the superficiality of the Italian debate level and particularly of certain press. I am a person used to asking serious questions to give themselves answers. sensible because as a legislator and politician the responsibility of deciding on each side clearly is then in the opposition but somewhat the responsibility of deciding on the future of the people. The green pass for the restaurant means devastating the tourist season in Italy. I was and remain in favor of a European green pass with the aim of facilitating movement between people who, to be clear, only needed to pass from one country to another in view of the summer season, not to enter bars or restaurants “.

The FdI leader proceeds with caution on the debate for the vaccination of the very young: “On the subject of adolescents I have doubts, without being no vax. Because even on this there are different readings: in Great Britain they advise against vaccination under the age of 15 while in Germany they do not vaccinate under the age of 17. So on the vaccination of the very young I would go with caution “. Salvini was vaccinated immediately after the words of Mario Draghi in the press conference, the presenter points out: “Will you get vaccinated?”. “But that’s right, I get vaccinated. I’ve said it 100 times. I don’t think I’ll take a picture of myself, I’m not someone who likes to do this on these things. And I don’t think this way of approaching the vaccination campaign is the correct one. Politicians do not set a good example by putting photos, politicians set a good example by giving answers, and they are what did not work in this vaccination campaign ”. The reference to the words of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who during the last press conference specified that “the invitation not to get vaccinated is an invitation to die” is inevitable: “The words of the Prime Minister are effective but very imprudent, because he should to think that in Italy there are people who cannot get the vaccine: cancer patients, who is undergoing chemotherapy, in some cases it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. So what are we saying to these people? Who are sentenced to death? “.

As regards the wait for the recovery for certain categories not yet regulated through the green card, Meloni says: “It seems to me that in this whole Covid affair we continue to have a persistence towards certain categories: discos, restaurants, bars, the world of sports, gyms and swimming pools. No one has given us the scientific evidence of the reasons why, for example, one would get infected at the gym. It seems to always choose the easiest way: since if I can not improve public transport, the decree is fine in one line, we close the gyms, we close the discos. So we solved the problem ”. Finally, very tough on Domenico Arcuri’s return to the scene: “It seems jokes aside, if this is the government of the best we have a problem. I don’t think Arcuri was among the best, it seems to me that it was removed precisely because it was not one of the best. So I consider him a real joke for Italians to get him out of the door and back through the window. I am very surprised that Mario Draghi made such a choice ”.

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