“I’m not vaccinated. It’s not that I’m against it, but I’m very fearful …”

According to Gerini, the problem is not being “no vax” o “sì vax”, as much as having doubts and fears about the (albeit rare) consequences deriving from the inoculation of the vaccine: “It is an emergency vaccine, and I’m not the one to say it, the Food and Drug Administration approved it in an emergency seen that there is no cure. We hope that slowly some of them will be discovered. And since even during pregnancy I had problems with thrombosis, which showed my weakness, I have to be very careful “, confessed the actress. : “I should have many tests before I can vaccinate myself. What will I do? Simple in the meantime I will undergo swabs. That is certainly not a problem, we have been doing them for a year now, I have been on so many sets. Better that than a risk like this. . But I don’t want to influence anyone. “

As for the cinema, the actress talks about her upcoming directorial debut: “After 30 years of career I’m ready”. In fact, at the end of September, Gerini will be on the set for an independent film as director and interpreter, ‘Conveyor belt’, shot in a single environment, a house. “I am a therapist who does online therapies. I fell in love with the subject, we developed it with the writers, and thinking about who could be a director I thought of directing myself, I decided to risk it is part of my character not to be in a comfort zone Meanwhile, it will be on the big screen with ‘For a lifetime’ by Paolo Costella, a choral comedy with Ambra Angiolini, Luca Bizzarri, Carolina Crescentini, Paolo Kessisoglu, Claudia Pandolfi, Fabio Volo and Filippo Nigro. “I am the wife of Paolo Kessisoglu, we are 4 couples to whom they say that the marriage is not valid because it is not celebrated by a real priest, and there is some questioning of these relationships “, explains Gerini.

Then it will come out ‘Leave a day in Rome’ by Edoardo Leo, who “has grown a lot as a director”, a comedy-drama about the epilogue of love stories, where he will be the wife of Stefano Fresi as the first town in the capital. “Who did I get my inspiration from? Nobody, I thought of a very committed woman, who is a politician, mother and wife. I walk a lot in Rome, I always ask myself: does whoever has to manage the city know it? Does it go around? Are they going to Tor Bella Monaca? I’m going to visit my grandmother. Calenda if nothing else, you can see that she is going. In Villa Borghese there is a water system that would be enough to put back into operation … “

Claudia Gerini will also be in ‘Diabolik’ by Manetti Bros, “but I can’t say anything”, and in ‘Natural left-handed’ by Salvatore Allocca, where she plays a widow, mother of a 12-year-old promising footballer, who lives in the council houses of Latina and sells prepackaged food at bars. A mother who dreams of a ransom for her son.

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