The split and isolated grillini on the Cartabia reform

The split and isolated grillini on the Cartabia reform
The split and isolated grillini on the Cartabia reform

At his first test as party leader, Giuseppe Conte appears mired in the chaos within the Five Stars, unable to give answers to the government on the reform of justice, and besieged on all sides by the majority.

The confusion is such that yesterday the former prime minister first leaked (through the daily fact, which tries to pull him on the extremist line) that he is ready to deny trust, essentially leaving the government. Then, in the face of the internal revolt of the “moderate” troops of the pentastellate, who just don’t think about leaving the government (even Carlo Sibilia (in the photo) dissociates himself: “Just raise the tone, we all want certain times for the trials”) , was forced to abruptly reverse, assuring that he “works for a mediation” and denying the sentences attributed to him on mistrust. In the next few days, he assures, “I will see the elected M5s” (divided into small groups so as not to be forced to face them all together and having to take note of the internal rift), and still look for a composition

Prime Minister Draghi, however, was clear: open to small corrections, but without upsetting the system of the reform that must still be approved, with confidence (which will cause all amendments to lapse) before the summer break. And the majority squad around the government. “There is no further mediation to be found, the synthesis has already been made by Draghi and Cartabia,” says Ettore Rosato from alive Italy. While Renzi presses the Democratic Party: «Decide what to do, whether to pursue Conte’s irresponsibility or choose Draghi». Fi Occhiuto’s team leader is equally clear: «If someone in the majority tries to pour out their internal tensions in this match, they take on a serious responsibility. If Conte wants to be a leader, he must prove himself up to par and behave accordingly ».

Even the secretary dem Enrico Letta tries – softly – to put the Grillini allies with their backs to the wall: «I am confident that the majority will be united in the vote. The important thing is that the reform is approved before the summer break to show Europe that the resources we will receive are linked to a commitment to reform ”.


split isolated grillini Cartabia reform

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