Those “ferocious” attacks become Theater

Targets – 26/07/2021

Feroci, a Dogma Theater Company production, debuts at the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan (Sala Grande) on Monday 26 July 2021 (on stage until Thursday 29 July at 20.00), within the Campo Aperto review, dedicated to the investigation of contemporaneity through the open eyes of the new generations.

In a northern province, Daniel is the spearhead of a neo-fascist group in the area. The meeting with the enigmatic Edo brings to the surface in him an instinct that he has always denied: is it possible that he is really attracted to another man? The sexual – and then emotional – tension between the two triggers a short circuit between the rules of the pack.
With an unprecedented fusion of prose and physical theater, a story that is both local and universal is staged. Poised between sociological fresco, sentimental adventure and black fairy tale, we talk about the relationship between society and nature, between instinct and rule, between impulses and dogmas, we cross the dynamics of the “herd” and the blinding mechanisms of totalitarianism and – last but not least – it reflects on the masculine and its models, on its perception and its representation.

Post show debate

After the staging, the Dogma Theater Company organized a debate meeting with the audience on the issues related to LGBTQ civil rights in Italy conducted by Anna Gaia Marchioro.

The debate will be attended by:

  • Luca Paladini: importance of the Zan Bill and the homophobic situation in Italy
  • Paolo Armelli: the role of culture and the importance of the design and implementation of festivals and cultural events that deal with Queer and LGBTQ + culture and the difficulty of how to deal with them in the right way
  • Tommaso Dapri and Mariangela Vitale: importance of welcoming and inclusive spaces for aggregation and culture for young people
  • Michele Albiani: role of youth policies to improve the situation of lgbtq civil rights
  • The pearls of homophobes: direct testimony of hatred on social media
  • Jean Pierre MOreno: direct testimony of physical assault The 23-year-old originally from Nicaragua, in Rome since 2018 with the status of political refugee and student in Languages ​​for Intercultural Communication, was attacked with kicks, punches, stones by a man who last February 26 he waited like him for the train to go home. He only had to defend himself bravely because he was kissing his boyfriend.

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ferocious attacks Theater

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