Odette Giuffrida: judo and more. Find out from dog tattoos

Odette Giuffrida: judo and more. Find out from dog tattoos
Odette Giuffrida: judo and more. Find out from dog tattoos

The second Olympic medal has arrived for the judoka Odette Giuffrida: after the silver in Rio, here is the bronze in Tokyo. Let’s find out in his private life between sacrifices in the gym and at the table

Confirm twice on the Olympic podium after five years and many injuries and also some unpopular choices for others but certainly satisfactory for her: Odette Giuffrida, Ody for friends, now at home in Rome he will have the silver of Rio and the bronze of Tokyo and who knows if in Paris, when he is thirty, he will try to take home the gold and make a hat-trick. Meanwhile, she enjoys the Japanese podium, she who has greeted her 40,000 followers (not a few for a judoka) since she left and has also put many collaborations on standby.

Its Rome

Yes, because Odette, although she has never been talked about for gossip or anything else, is still sought after by major brands (from Shiseido for beauty to Coca Cola, just to give some examples) and in these days of Olympic preparation entrusted his profile to the family. A very believing girl, she trains between one gym in Talenti (a district in the north-east of Rome) and the Palafijlkam of Ostia, which is instead in the south. Crossfit including with practically perfect and rigorous nutrition, amply rewarded by the double Olympic medal. Rome is his city, but also something more, given the visceral bond that unites them and the desire to live, constantly, every segment, every corner.

Tattoos and family

On the side he has tattooed the five circles and the writing “Rio 2016”, it is easy for “Tokyo 2020” to arrive while on the leg he has a sunflower, his symbol, made together with his mother Fabiola, the most important person in his life together with his little dog. The family also includes the two brothers Salvatore and Christian who, a few years ago, was even better known than his sister because he was among the protagonists of Champions, the football reality show that fifteen years ago told the Cervia season coached by Ciccio Graziani. Odette became passionate about judo thanks to her brother and over time she understood that it would become her life.

Passion for Pizza

Life for which, as he told long ago, he makes many sacrifices, including a diet that has her checked by a nutritionist once every two weeks or every month. “When I want to transgress – his words a Vanity Fair – I have no doubts: pizza “. In Rio there was the whole family to follow her, in Tokyo she is alone with herself, her doubts and her willpower and perhaps this is also why when she received the medal she stared at it for a long time. He enjoyed it, Odette, thinking of all the prayers and training of these years. The gold he wanted hasn’t arrived yet but, never like this time, Paris is really around the corner.

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