Veneto, no green pass: the first complaints for the events are triggered

Veneto, no green pass: the first complaints for the events are triggered
Veneto, no green pass: the first complaints for the events are triggered

Protesters arrive in Prato della Valle (Bergamaschi / Fossella)
The demonstrations

And as widely expected, the first complaints were already made on Sunday. Two forty-year-olds from Padua, one of whom manager of a club in the hinterland, considered among the promoters of the participatory initiative and for this reason reported to the prosecutor for the unauthorized demonstration, were investigated in a state of freedom. And the risk, for them, hitherto uncensored, is that they will not find only one complaint. In fact, they may have to take their wallets in the event that administrative sanctions are issued against them for the violation of anti-Covid provisions (from social distancing to masks). Other positions are also being examined by the Digos police. Saturday afternoon, parading with the cry of “Freedom” and with slogans such as “I do not vaccinate myself, assassin Dragons”, there were thousands: not only no vax but also no mask and no green pass. A protest against the government, the impositions on the green certificate, against what has been called a “health dictatorship”. A trail of people who have moved from piazza Duomo to piazza dei Signori and delle Erbe, under the gaze of the police and that concluded the procession in Prato della Valle.

Rain of complaints

Not only in Padua but also in the other cities of the Veneto such as Verona, Vicenza, Bassano, Treviso and Venice, the events never authorized born after a short tam-tam on social networks and on Telegram groups. The police headquarters of all the capitals are working to try to identify the participants. The real risk is that in the next few days there will be dozens of reports and people reported.

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Veneto green pass complaints events triggered

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