Finn’s secret past will be revealed


Ridge’s daughter, in the next episodes airing in America, will know a part of the story of her future husband and there will be unexpected arrivals

Published on July 25, 2021

the American advances of Beautiful reveal that some bombs are about to be dropped in Los Angeles. The secret past of the daughter John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) is about to be revealed. The Italian public will have the opportunity to meet the doctor in these days. He is the one to take care of Steffy in the hospital, after the motorcycle accident.

Well Finn manages to enter the heart of the beautiful Forrester, which is about to face a very difficult period. At her side she finds John, who helps her find her smile again. After some complications, Steffy and Finn they begin to think about a future together, giving birth to little Hayes, to whom Kelly will be the elder sister.

Now, in the course of the episodes that are airing in America, the time has come for them to organize the wedding. During the next week, American viewers will know Finn’s parents, Jack Finnegan (Ted King) e Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda). As had already been anticipated, the presence of Steffy’s in-laws it will be heard in Los Angeles.

the advances announce some drama on the wedding day. Young Forrester will discover something surprising about Finn, which will change her perspective. And this could be the reason why Steffy will decide to get married right away. Initially, Forrester isn’t sure she wants to get married within a few days, in fact she points out to Finn that she would like to meet her parents first.

In the next episodes of Beautiful something will change. John’s secret past will come out, but the details are not yet known. Finn may admit that his relationship with his parents isn’t the best, for some reason. When Steffy wants to plan the wedding, the doctor will be thrilled.

Apparently the couple will organize a small ceremony inside Eric’s mansion, but there will be some unexpected guests. Jack, Finn’s father, will arrive and catch his son off guard. Steffy will also be surprised. A woman will also arrive unexpectedly, namely the mother.

Will start Steffy and Finn’s wedding, ma something could go wrong. The rumors let you know that something unexpected will happen. It is thought that one of Finn’s two parents will stop the wedding.

Meanwhile, young Forrester will discover a secret linked to the story of her future husband. But to find out what it is, we will have to wait a few days.

Since the beginning, that is, since Finn entered the soap’s plot, the rumors speak of a secret to discover, concerning his family.

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