Europeans, a new record for Italy: the Azzurri also conquer Amazon

Europeans, a new record for Italy: the Azzurri also conquer Amazon
Europeans, a new record for Italy: the Azzurri also conquer Amazon

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The victory at the Europeans not only did football mania rekindle among Italians, but caused an unprecedented boom in sales for an object that was not in demand in other periods: the sweater from the National. In June 2021, the market for this specific product grew exponentially. According to the data released by the start-up Witailer, which helps companies to position themselves better in online stores, only on Amazon the Sports and Leisure category has become the third most searched for ever with the 10% of the total searches.

However, the spasmodic search for blue memorabilia has not undermined the first places in the Home and kitchen categories, to which 18% of searches are attributed, and Electronics, to which 13% is attributed.

Europeans, a new record for Italy: research boom for the national team

The most searched term in the Sports and Leisure category in the last 12 months was “Maglia dell’Italia”, grown by 350% compared to the previous period. Following “Italian national football shirt”. After the victory, the most clicked query became “Maglia Italia Europeani 2021”, and it earned the place of 235es term most written by users on Amazon Italy.

A very high number, considering that every day they are over 150 thousand searches carried out within the digital store. The excellent result may have translated into an increase in sales also and above all for Italian companies in the sector.

The subcategory Football clothing for fans was in the top 10 with the highest estimated search volume in June, and the Azzurri jersey earned the spot as the most clicked article. Position generally occupied by the jerseys of national teams, such as Inter, Milan or Juve.

Europeans, a new record for Italy: the old blue jerseys are also back in fashion

In the same period, Witailer analysts pointed out, there was also a boom in searches for the term “Maglia Italia 2006”, with the victory at the 2020 European Championships which brought to mind the feat of Italian footballers at World Cup in Germany. Again, the Tricolor it was among the most clicked objects on Amazon, with a positioning similar to that of the first months of the pandemic in Italy, when the national flag had become a symbol of strength and resilience to hang on balconies.


Europeans record Italy Azzurri conquer Amazon

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