2 euro rare: watch out, the coin is worth gold! Here are all the estimates

2 euro rare: watch out, the coin is worth gold! Here are all the estimates
2 euro rare: watch out, the coin is worth gold! Here are all the estimates

Contrary to what one might imagine, even the new coin has some coin specimens that can be worth a real fortune. I 2 euros rare, for example, they can reach 1,500 euros in value.

What if you were the one to have them? In your purse, stored away in some drawer, glove compartment or in your car?

It’s not pure science fiction: sometimes behind a simple coin there is a real treasure. Given the current economic situation, a large sum of money gleaned only for the simple fact of own a rare 2 euro coin, who could not make happy.

If you have come this far it is no coincidence. In the following paragraphs vi we will reveal some little secrets about some rare 2 euro pieces and their quotation in economic terms.

You just have to take it easy and carefully read every single line of this article because you may have at hand, without knowing it, a priceless treasure.

To better understand the issue, we recommend watching the video posted by the YouTube channel Know curiosity OF THE WORLD, which, thanks to the help of numismatics and quotation experts, provides a interesting video guide on the rare 2 euros that could be worth a fortune.

So, look at the article and let the journey into the world of the rare 2 euros begin!

Rare coins: what makes the 2 euro rare

Before we come across our journey, however, it is appropriate provide the less experienced with the right information to better understand the following paragraphs.

When we talk about the value of a coin, we are generally led to think that it is yours exchange value. Not so when it comes to rare coins. In this case, the currency in our possession could take on a much greater value.

But what are they the features that literally make the value of coins skyrocket in our possession?

Coining errors, limited editions, stampe celebrative o commemorative, are just some of the factors that contribute to increasing the economic value of “rare” coins.

This is enough to explain why in recent years an increasing number of collectors, experts or simple enthusiasts of coins, are thrown headlong into the mad hunt for almost unobtainable specimens, more demanded by the market, valued good money.

The rare 2 euros of Grace Kelly

We begin our journey in the fascinating world of rare coins by focusing our attention on one of the most present coins in our daily life: the 2 euro.

Unlike what you might think, they are lots of rare 2 euro pieces produced to pay homage to a character of high historical importance, celebrate particular cultural or / and historical events expression of the different European cultures incorporated into the euro area.

Many of these specimens are rare coins of high value, difficult to find and therefore highly sought after by the market.

Among these, the 2 euros minted by the principality of Monaco in honor of Grace Kelly are the most coveted. It seems, in fact, that at the time of their issue a rich German entrepreneur fell in love with them so much that about half of them disappeared.

Such rare coins, minted in limited series and recognizable for having engraved on one verse the graceful face of the princess, today they are considered gods unique pieces of inestimable value.

In Fior di Conio, these 2 euros are rare reach a listing value of 1,500 euros, while if found in circulation, but still well maintained, the figure is around around 600 euros.

Also the rare 2 euro minted in Monaco in 2015 to celebrate the 8 centuries that have passed since the foundation of the first rock fortress have a very high estimate, higher than the figure of 1,000 euros.

Coins: the guide to the rare 2 euros

Now that we know which rare 2 euro pieces lead the podium in the ranking of rare coins most coveted in terms of economic estimates (the 2 euros of the charming princess of Monaco) we continue our journey into the world of numismatics using the precious information provided by the website moneterare.net.

So let’s examine what other rare 2-euro specimens are worthy of attention for their economic value.

The advice we feel we can give you is to continue reading the article since our intent is to provide you with all the information necessary to put you in the condition of knowing how to recognize the treasure that hides behind each coin in your possession.

After that, that’s enough for you open the hunt for the “highlight” emptying drawers, pockets, piggy banks, checking even the most hidden corners of your home, all in all it could be your lucky day!

The rare 2 euros dedicated to Charles III

A little below the rare 2 euros minted in homage to Princess Grace Kelly, we find those dedicati a Charles III. Such rare coins of recent release (2016) they have a estimated market value of 500 euros.

The more conspicuous the value of the rare 2 euros dedicated to the “Fondation del la forteresse”. Issued in 2015 and with more than 10 thousand pieces in circulation around the world, theirs value is around 1,000 euros.

But how come, despite being recent minting, they manage to reach the value of rare coins?

2 euro rare: how to calculate its value

One of reasons that strongly affect the rise in the economic value of coins, therefore not only of the rare 2 euro specimens, it is closely connected to the their circulation, namely from number of pieces of a finished cut in circulation.

Of course, more specimens circulate fewer can be considered as rare coins and viceversa.

Anyway, circulation is not the only requirement which strongly affects the appraisal value of the coins. Other parameters influence the evaluation.

We are talking about the state of conservation, from the historical and thematic relevance, of their artistic beauty. And again, of the material in which they are produced, of the relationship between supply / demand and so on.

These are some but main aspects that define the appraisal values ​​of what we could call rare coins.

The 2 rare Finnish euros of 2004

We have just said it but it is good to reiterate it: some rare coins they become such not because they are produced in limited quantities but simply because influenced by other variables.

This is the case of the 2 rare Finnish euro coins minted in 2004, dedicated to the expansion of Europe. On the obverse you can see the upper part of a pillar with the initials EU (Europe), from which a shoot thins out, a symbol of expansion. To the right two letters MM identify the director of the Mint, Makkonen, e the author, Makinen.

A coin as beautiful as it is controversial in its value, considered too high by many collectors and numismatists, which do not explain how a coin not even so particular can be so successful.

The reason is quite simple. In 2004, around 1,000,000 rare Finnish 2 euro copies were minted, distributed exclusively throughout the nation, along with other coins. This helped make it difficult to find.

Consequently, collectors are willing to pay from 35.00 to 50.00 euros to appropriate each example of a rare 2 euro coin.

Rare coins: how to sell them?

We have finally come to the most interesting part of the article. If in the search for rare coins we have, for example, undefeated in the rare 2 euros depicting the splendid princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, What do you need to do to get hold of the 1,500 or 1,000 euros due?

In this case the only way forward is to sell the rare 2 euros at auction. And which solution is more comfortable and / or safe than that of use the internet?

In fact, selling online presents many advantages. You can do everything from the comfort of your home without wasting time and the ability to encountering buyers who are truly interested in coins is greatere: there are many buyers available from all over the world.

Plus, you can put a rare coin up for auction totally free, you have a industry expert who evaluates and checks the specimens and most importantly, you have the payment guarantee which make the operation safe.

But that’s not all, you can set a minimum price below which you are unwilling to sell your currency, follow the shipment with the track, read the user ratings, the reviews and so on, all in the utmost transparency.

For many years the preferred channel for selling coins has been Ebay. Right now, it looks pretty obsolete for buying and selling rare coins, above all for a series of “defects”: lack of control and expertise on the rare coins traded and on the auctions.

Once we have identified the site that best suits our needs, that’s enough follow a series of precautions: clean the coin thoroughly, take a couple of good quality photos, prepare an interesting sales announcement (with captivating descriptions) e wait for someone interested in holding an auction to notice our announcement.

Have faith, you will surely be contacted as soon as possible, there are so many fans of rare coins in circulation!

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