“The first housing community in Rome for the elderly is born”

So the first Roman citizen on her Facebook page:

The first housing community of Rome Capital for elderly people is born: it is called Casa Giada Gialla and hosts 10 people in a well-kept environment, with common spaces, with a family dimension.
We inaugurated it in a building in the La Giustiniana area: on the lower floor we have already opened the Casa Giada cohousing and on the upper floor the Casa Giada Verde housing community will soon open, again for frail elderly people.

Shared apartments

These are not the first shared apartments for elderly people that we open in Rome: we have already inaugurated a cohousing in the Torre Gaia area, and one in the Monteverde area, in apartments confiscated from crime. And at the same time they will not be the last, because we have put in place a much broader project to overcome the logic of large-sized retirement homes in favor of new forms of hospitality with a family dimension.
We are proud of this project, because it puts the well-being and quality of life of older people at the center. I thank the councilor Veronica Mammì, the Department of Social Policies of Roma Capitale and all those who contributed.

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