Vaccines, surge in bookings, risk of lack of doses pending August supplies

Vaccines, surge in bookings, risk of lack of doses pending August supplies
Vaccines, surge in bookings, risk of lack of doses pending August supplies

With the boom in bookings for the administration of the Covid vaccine, there is a risk of a bottleneck: waiting for the August supplies, there are just over 4 million stocks available immediately, but for the first dose some citizens could wait beyond the August 6, the date on which the green pass is mandatory.

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The real problem of the vaccination campaign right now is not the people who do not download the green pass, but risk being the vaccine supplies.

Yesterday the emergency commissioner Figliuolo confirmed that there was an increase in bookings for vaccines ranging from + 15% to + 200%, depending on the Regions: “In Friuli Venezia Giulia we recorded a + 6,000%” he said. In the audience of the over 60s, he added, “we exceed 80%. About 2 million and 360 thousand are missing out of the total 18 million. Often these are people who are not familiar with booking”. A positive impact on the vaccination campaign was the strong appeal of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who during the press conference presenting the new decree, with the updated rules on the green pass, said: “You have to get vaccinated, the invitation not to do so is a invitation to die “- in many regions of Italy there is a real boom in bookings.

But also the obligation, which takes effect from 6 August, to show the green certificate in order to attend various public places, such as indoor bars and restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, outdoor shows, bingo halls, stadiums, also weighed. congresses and competitions: in order not to be cut off from social life, many Italians have decided to book the first inoculation of the anti Covid serum. The government has not introduced a vaccination obligation, but has put a series of stakes to access public places, pushing the undecided to immunize.

But what is frightening now is the lack of vaccines, because the green pass effect as we have seen it is producing a surge in bookings, and could paradoxically create a problem in the administration in the next two to three weeks, pending the doses scheduled for the next month. For this reason, the governors have asked for reassurance on the arrivals of the scheduled doses. The commissioner structure he said about 15 million doses are expected in August, in the refrigerators there are still just over 4 million, underlining that 500 thousand vaccinations are being carried out per day, and that it will be possible to maintain this standard. At the moment, in fact, we can count on a reserve of almost 2.6 million Pfizer doses and about 700 thousand are Moderna, the only drugs that can be used to vaccinate the under 60s, in addition to 850 thousand of AstraZeneca and 900 thousand of Janssen vaccine that can only be used for the over 60s. . The delay time between booking and administration is about 7-10 days in many Regions, so those who decide to wait longer could arrive at 6 August, the date on which the green pass obligation is triggered, without the first dose. .

At what point is the vaccination campaign

According to the latest figures from the vaccination campaign, in the last week almost 350 thousand under 30s were vaccinated with the first dose or the single dose (because they have already had the infection), 118 thousand of whom were very young between 12 and 19 years: a triple growth compared to that of adults between 50 and 69 years of age, in which 124 thousand have been vaccinated in the last seven days with the first or single dose. In particular, in the 12-19 range, for which only Pfizer is authorized, 1,232,932 children took the first dose or the single dose, 117,788 more than 7 days before. Among those between the ages of 20 and 29 – to whom Pfizer, Moderna and even J&J have been administered – the increase in the last week is instead of 231,180.
Between the ages of 12 and 29, therefore, 348,968 took the first or only dose. Low numbers, on the other hand, among the 50-69 year-olds: in the last week the 50-59 year-olds who took the first dose or the single dose were 78,236 while in the 60-69 range they are 45,652.

And to meet young people, the government has included in the latest decree an article with which 45 million are made available to guarantee at least until 30 September the possibility of swabs at low prices, in order to facilitate tracing. In fact, it will be up to Figliuolo, in agreement with the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, to develop a protocol with pharmacies and other health facilities to ensure “the administration of rapid antigen tests at low prices” taking into account in particular the need for further facilitate minors between the ages of 12 and 18 “.

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