Google Drive will allow you to block other users: here’s how

The new feature, available soon, aims to stop harassing accounts more easily, and on all Big-G services

Google Drive is benefiting from a novelty where users can prevent other accounts from sharing files with them – a move designed to prevent potential harassment and spam on the platform.

The feature, which will be implemented until the first week of August, also prevents accounts from accessing files that a user has shared with them in the past and removes “past” ones from their Drive.

“Drive’s sharing capabilities fuel productivity and collaboration, but bad guys can abuse tools that are meant to facilitate useful sharing. That’s why we are creating a way to block other users ”, explains the post in which Bi-G announces the news.

Blocking an account in Drive will also prevent them from interacting with the user who applies it on other services offered by Google, such as Hangouts and Chat.

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The Mountain View giant, indeed, announced the new feature in May, after an article by Buzzfeed which highlighted an instance of a user who was unable to remove a folder shared with an offensive former partner from their Drive.

Because the folder contained harmless photographs, Drive’s existing “report as abuse” feature was not an appropriate response, and the service structure made permanent removal of the files difficult.

According to Google’s support page, the option to block a user will appear by right-clicking on a file shared with the user in Drive. Also, there is an option to unblock users later if you change your mind.

It is an important admission that sharing features can easily become a tool of abuse for “bad actors”, even when they are part of a service that is not a traditional social network.


Google Drive block users heres

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