Parma, Buffon: ‘I dream of the World Cup and I want to learn from Donnarumma. Juve? The truth is that with Pirlo … ‘| First page

Parma, Buffon: ‘I dream of the World Cup and I want to learn from Donnarumma. Juve? The truth is that with Pirlo … ‘| First page
Parma, Buffon: ‘I dream of the World Cup and I want to learn from Donnarumma. Juve? The truth is that with Pirlo … ‘| First page

Excluding the season in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Gigi Buffon’s career was divided between Juventus and Parma. And 25 years after his debut he decided to return to the Gialloblù, where it all started. Interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the goalkeeper tells how the idea of ​​returning to Parma was born, this year in Serie B: “After the last Juve-Parma in Turin, I stopped to talk to president Krause. he asked if I wanted to play in Parma. Usually it never happens, out of discretion; instead he was very direct and I liked it, it means he had a vision. He is American, and America in the collective imagination is a dream . I was looking for someone who would make me dream through a vision “.

MARESCA – “In the Parma project we are not satisfied with the immediate result, we look to the future. Maresca has within him the kind of football that is needed, he knows it and transmits it very well. It is a quality that makes the difference between a coach and the other is also helped by the knowledge of languages.

PIRLO – “I think that after the first three / four months of inevitable difficulties, Andrea has become aware of his role and familiarity with the players. The last four / five months have been those of a 100% coach; after a season like ours, any other club would still be celebrating, but it seemed disappointing because behind us we had 9 league titles in a row and two Champions League finals.

SERIE B – “We and Monza will be the teams to beat. Then there are the two relegated, Benevento and Crotone. The surprise? I say Frosinone, because Grosso is very good.” A Serie B with many protagonists of the 2006 World Cup: “Inzaghi in Brescia has got a good nut to crack; Cellino is smoking but knows football, I’m sure they will find a way to be comfortable together”.

THE STADIUMS – “I never played in Como, when it was in Serie A we played in Piacenza. I remember it’s called Sinigaglia, but they are just old cards memories. I also like the idea of ​​playing at Liberati di Terni for the first time. , when I was little, with those rings, it seemed immense to me like the Maracana “.

FAMILY – “My children were surprised by the choice I made. They dreamed of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Turkey or Greece. But it was an opportunity to teach them a valuable lesson: we must always believe in ourselves, I know how much I am worth and I do not need confirmation; on the contrary, I go down to B to prove that I am the strongest. Also, I think you have to go beyond appearances and evaluate people for what they are and do, you don’t have to be a cool guy A league”.

L’EUROPEO – “I saw the final at home, it was nice to see the first real triumph with my children. Silence, suffering, impulses and in the end joy! I won a lot and they too often celebrated, but they also experienced some disappointments: the two Champions League finals, the European one … It was nice to see them happy after seeing them cry with Sweden. I too had cried at San Siro. I’m sorry for denying the children happiness to attend a World Cup. I have always played for the people, big and small, who support me. I always feel the responsibility towards them. Donnarumma has made a great European: not only for the parades, above all for the management of situations. at the beginning it could have been considered a surprise, in the end it consolidated its position: today it is a point of reference worldwide “.

THE COMPARISON – “I don’t care, I just care that he is good and I want to enjoy him because he can still teach me something. I have studied some things about him to improve in recent years. I am so serene that the skills of others will not be a problem for myself.

PSG – “I had a great season in Paris with an important mistake in the Champions League. Since I was 17 I have been walking on a tightrope: I did it at Juve, at PSG and now it will happen in Parma. the fact that I want to go on … The truth is that the best never give discounts and everyone just waits for them to fall. It will also happen in Donnarumma. But he must be calm, because he is strong, indeed very strong and in Paris he will not only be happy: much more! Sure. Gigio and I messaged each other during the European Championship, about Paris and more “.

Is the next World Cup also part of utopia?

WORLD – “At 43 I certainly won’t be the candidate, but I need the World Cup to continue playing and dreaming. To bring Parma back to Serie A. I’m pretty sure Mancini won’t call me, and rightly so because he has his own group and his boys “.

FORMER COMPANIONS – “During the European Championship I heard Bonucci to talk about penalties. He asked me how to kick him, I gave him some advice. Then I always did as he wanted. Leo and Chiellini confirm that the best, young players must always play in the national team or old as they are. Mancini could hide behind the alibi of the young team, but he said from the beginning that he wanted to win; he sent young boys on the pitch held by 4/5 experts on and off the pitch. they showed the European Championship, Chiellini and Bonucci can play peacefully up to my age “.

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