Harry will publish four books (one is by Meghan), but the second will only come out after Queen Elizabeth’s death

Harry will publish four books (one is by Meghan), but the second will only come out after Queen Elizabeth’s death
Harry will publish four books (one is by Meghan), but the second will only come out after Queen Elizabeth’s death

Not one, but four books. Prince Harry is not only working on his autobiography, which will be released next year for the Penguin Random House with Pulitzer Prize Winner JR Moehringer as ghost writer, but he has four volumes in the pipeline, as the Daily Mail reveals. The prince would have made an agreement to write four books, the second of which can only be published after the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth. Palace sources fear that this is a bomb ready to explode, which therefore contains scandalous news about the royal house or even in bad taste.

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Harry, 4 books but the second only after the Queen’s death

The agreement is very profitable: the Duke of Sussex has in fact thought of an auction between the publishing houses that had as a basis 18 million pounds (over 21 million euros) to reach 29 (almost 34 million euros). The signed deal provides for the publication of Harry’s autobiography next year, on the occasion of the queen’s platinum jubilee (which in 2022 will have reigned for seventy years), and the second volume precisely to the death of the sovereign. His wife, Meghan Markle, 39, is also part of this agreement with the publishing houses: the Duchess of Sussex will write a guide to well-being. The subject and the author of the fourth title are still unknown.

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The editorial agreement

The Daily Mail reported that the 36-year-old prince led the negotiations for this editorial deal from Montecito in California, where he lives with his wife and children Archie and Lilibet in the recently acquired £ 11 million residence. Two publishers flew from London to meet the prince in person, while others took part in the videocall auction. One of them revealed that Harry conducted the negotiations with a “take it or leave it” attitude, always very cold in declaring his goals, but also with extreme courtesy as it seems to be the custom in Britain. From the starting price of 18 million pounds, the final figure was between 25 and 29.

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The reaction of the royal family

The royal family did not like the announcement of Harry’s literary utterances and appears to be very concerned about the prince’s decision to use Pulitzer Prize winner JR Moehringer for his autobiography. Here Harry will share, for the first time, his experiences, adventures and defeats and, as Penguin explains, “the life lessons that helped shape his personality.” The book will chronicle the Duke’s life in the spotlight from childhood to today, including his dedication to public service, military obligations and the joy he discovered in being a husband and father; the proceeds should go to charity.

Harry, the book will be «the final nail on the coffin of the relationship with the Royal Family. Carlo doesn’t know anything “

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