Rain and thunderstorms coming to Milan: the forecasts

Rain and thunderstorms coming to Milan: the forecasts
Rain and thunderstorms coming to Milan: the forecasts

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25 July 2021 09:51

After a Saturday with overcast skies and some showers, thunderstorms are expected in Milan on Sunday 25 July. These are the weather forecasts of 3B Meteo, which highlights how the showers will continue even on Monday 26.

On Sunday the sky will be overcast and the clouds will tend to gradually increase until the evening, when rain and thunderstorms are expected. For this day, the maximums will be around 29 °, while the minimums will be around 22 °. Unfortunately, as already on Saturday and in recent days, the heat will continue.

On Monday, July 26, the weather situation will be very similar to that of Sunday. The clouds will rise until thunderstorms are expected again in the afternoon, stronger than those of the day before. In the evening, however, bright spells are expected. The maximum is around 27 °, the minimum is 19 °.

Weather alert

Due to the strong thunderstorms expected in Milan on Sunday 25 July, the civil protection has launched a yellow weather alert (with an ordinary level of criticality).

The disturbance could hit the capital and the whole of Lombardy starting at 10 on Sunday. For the day, the Monitoring Functional Center launched an alert concerning the Milan hydraulic node in particular. As usual in similar cases, the rivers of the city will be observed special.


Rain thunderstorms coming Milan forecasts

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