Amara case, Davigo: “I gave the minutes to Ermini, I talked about them to Salvi: they did not ask to formalize. Storari? In a serious country he would have the praise”

“The truth is that Storari in a serious country would be the recipient of a praise for trying to enforce the rule, it is disheartening is subjected to disciplinary action “. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the former councilor of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo gives its own version on the news leak relating to the minutes of Amara on the alleged “Lodge Hungary”. Davigo is under investigation in Brescia for disclosure of official secrecy together with the deputy prosecutor of Milan Paolo Storari, who gave them to him informally in April 2020. “He described one to me serious situation“, He explains,” and that is that almost 4 months after Amara’s declarations on a secret association, her bosses had not yet proceeded to inscriptions (of the crime report, ed), which the code requires to do immediately. To avoid possible disciplinary consequences – he specifies – I advised him to put it in writing ”, and he“ gave me file Word del pc in support of memory “.

When asked why he did not formally notify the self-governing body, he replies that “in that case It was not possible: if the procedure to follow does not allow to keep the secret, then you cannot follow (of the “lodge Hungary”, according to Amara, there are also two members of the CSM, ed) “. However, when “at the beginning of May Storari told me that nothing had changed and indeed that Greco (Francesco, the chief prosecutor of Milan, ed) had it scolded for the solicitation, I considered it urgent to notify the CSM and I informed the vice president Ermini “, handing him the minutes: he” agreed on the seriousness and on the severity of the situation “. Later, he adds, he also talked about it with the Attorney General of the Cassation Giovanni Salvi, a member by right of the CSM, who “did not show no surprise, a sign that he must have already been informed. He didn’t ask me if I had the minutes, but he didn’t even say “No, look that’s not good …” “.

Yesterday Salvi asked the disciplinary commission of the CSM toremoval of Storari from Milan and the ban on still playing pm functions, accusing him of having tried to condition the activity of the Milanese prosecutor. “She is retired, but it also applies to her, and it is a bloody accusation for a historical prosecutor of Milan and Clean Hands”, notes the interviewer, Luigi Ferrarella. Davigo replies dryly: “So, if one tries to do respect the law, then you have to be told such a thing it is out of this world? Nobody dreamed of telling me to formalize. Ermini did not do it and Salvi did not do it. If they had asked me to formalize, I would have done one right away service report. Except, if he considered the procedure irregular, being the holder of the disciplinary action, he could and should question me immediately as a person informed of the facts. Instead he did not, only to later take it out on Storari. I could not – he says – not refer to those in charge of a situation a very serious situation that Storari had pointed out to me in my institutional role. I believe that I have served justice with discipline and honor, and this accusation, unfounded, will not be a litter 42 years of service“.

Davigo, in any case, denies that the incident could constitute a violation of official secrecy, which “it cannot be opposed to the CSM and therefore to the members (except for those who cannot know it for subjective reasons) and in any case there is never a violation of official secrecy when it is communicated to other public official kept to secrecy “. And it is for this reason, he explains, that he also spoke of the minutes to the president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission Nicola Morra, who wanted to make him reconcile with his former current mate Sebastiano Ardita, mentioned by Amara as one of the members of the Hungarian lodge. “He too insisted on my pacification with Ardita, I explained to him that I didn’t want to previous reasons. And then, recommending him twice that as a public official he was bound by secrecy, I added that moreover Ardita was also indicated as belonging to a ‘masonic association. The alternative was to spread the chatter ”.

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