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9.50 The group accuses a delay of 4 ‘. It is now done. Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria) is flying towards gold.

9.49 Omer Shapira (Israel) and Anna Plichta (Poland) cross the finish line with a delay of 2’12 ”from Kiesenhofer.

9.48 Outgoing Olympic champion Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands) tries to start.

9.46 In the meantime, the tread is facing the last lap of the final circuit.

9.45 The French Juliette Labous tries to escape from the group.

9.43 Very badly also the dreaded Dutch who seemed projected towards the dominion of the Olympic podium.

9.40 The physical condition of the blue captain Elisa Longo Borghini, who has not yet been seen so far, is also to be understood.

9.37 Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria) keeps 1’37 ”ahead of Omer Shapira (Israel) and Anna Plichta (Poland). More detached Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands). At 4’48 “the group.

9.35 But there isn’t any kind of continuous action, and we regret not seeing any blue uniform at the head of the platoon to relaunch the action.

9.34 Now the group is led by Chloe Dygert (USA).

9.33 Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria) enters the final circuit.

9.30 A totally new Olympic podium could come out, with three exclusive nations and three athletes who are deserving of the race. They dared, cooperated well, mocking all of them.

9.27 Objectively it seems too late. The group is doing everything wrong, they have given too much space.

9.24 Now five are trying to escape, there are also Lotte Kopecky (Belgium) with Katarzyna Niewiadoma (Poland), but by now it’s too late.

9.21 So let’s recap the situation in the race: Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria) in command. Behind him Omer Shapira (Israel) and Anna Plichta (Poland). Van Vleuten (Holland) signaled at 5’03 ”from the tread; at 5’51 “we find the group.

9.18 Van Vleuten has 1 ′ advantage over the group, which is still 5’58 “from Anna Kiesenhofer, and we are 33 km from the end.

9.15 There are still 5’55 “minutes that the group has to recover at Kiesenhofer, and there are only 39 km to go to the finish.

9.13 Try to leave alone Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria)!

9.11 Omer Shapira (Israel) begins to lose something.

9.08 Ruth Winder leads the group in favor of the United States.

9.05 The platoon continues to fail to agree. The three fugitives are still pedaling well, while the members of the group control themselves by losing one opportunity after another.

9.02 The advantage of the three fugitives Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Anna Plichta (Poland) and Omer Shapira (Israel) is 6’22 “, while Van Vleuten still has to recover 5’43”.

9.00 The British Lizzie Deignan tries to accelerate, and once again no one reacts.

8.58 The group is increasingly thinner and no one is able to react vigorously. Only 50 km to go.

8.55 Annemiek van Vleten has already earned 40 ″ on the group. We must react, otherwise the European champion risks making a void.

8.53 The second blue also comes off, Soraya Paladin.


8.51 Meanwhile, the blue Marta Bastianelli and the Australian Tiffany Cromwell stand out.

8.50 At 56 km from the finish the gap between the group and the three fugitives is 7’40 “, still too much.

8.48 Finally the blue ones advance!

8.46 Van Vleuten tries again! The acceleration of the European champion is starting to reduce the components of the group. Norsgaard for Denmark and Spratt for Australia come off.

8.43 The blue have nothing to lose. Time passes, and if they want to bet big, they have to move the race as soon as possible.

8.41 The shooting continues: now it’s the turn of the London 2012 Olympic champion Marianne Vos, followed by her national teammate Demi Vollering. The advantage of the three leading players is lowered, but it is still 8’35 ”.

8.39 We recall the names of the three leaders: Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Anna Plichta (Poland) and Omer Shapira (Israel).

8.37 And here Annemiek van Vleuten accelerates, but the blue are too far behind.

8.36 Germany and the USA close the gap. Now the race must come to life, otherwise it will be too late.

8.34 Maybe the Dutch Demi Vollering tries. Let’s see if any athletes will react.

8.33 A really strange race is coming out of it. There are only 62 km to the finish and the advantage of the treads is still 9’39 ”. The group is practically at a standstill without a real forcing by a national team.

8.31 Annemiek van Vleuten all’ammiraglia.

8.29 Fall in group, Annemiek van Vleuten (Holland) and Emma Norsgaard (Denmark) on the ground.

8.27 65 kilometers to the finish.

8.24 The Dutch are going to the flagship several times, it is important to find the right tactic to chase.

8.20 9’30 ”the advantage of Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Anna Plichta (Poland) and Omer Shapira (Israel). The group does not change the pace, an absurd tactical scheme for the best national teams.

8.16 70 kilometers to the finish, group still stationary.

8.14 The race could also turn into a race for sprinters, but it is essential to reduce the gap from the fugitives.

8.11 Tactical situation to be understood, a very strange match.

8.08 Even Anna van der Breggen, the very favorite, to increase the pace in the group.

8.04 Compared to what happened yesterday with the men, today the fugitives have a better chance of arriving, if the group does not activate quickly.

8.01 The first effects of the chase can be seen: the group is about to take back the counterattackers, the margin drops below 10 ‘.

7.59 Now it’s time for Holland: Demi Vollering at the head of the group, it is essential to accelerate.

7.56 80 kilometers to the finish line, in about twenty the hardest part of the race will begin.

7.54 However, it is essential to raise the pace now in a group to decrease the margin.

7.52 Three of them remain in front, Carla Hoberholzer (South Africa) does not keep pace.

7.48 Germany still in front in the group, but there is a delay well over 10 ‘.

7.45 We remember that four remained in command: Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Carla Oberholzer (South Africa), Anna Plichta (Poland) and Omer Shapira (Israel).

7.42 It will be necessary to find an agreement in the group to carry on the pursuit.

7.39 90 kilometers to the finish.

7.37 Between the group and the fugitives there are in the middle Soto Campos (Chile) and Espinola (Paraguay).

7.35 Also Marta Bastianelli (Italy) at the head of the group.

7.33 The advantage of the leading squad begins to decrease gradually.

7.31 Germany takes the initiative in the main platoon.

7.29 Annemiek van Vleuten (Netherlands) is the leader in the group.

7.27 The Namibian Looser stands out among the fugitives.

7.25 The advantage of the fugitives exceeds 10 ‘.

7.23 Now it is Holland that has begun to take the initiative as a group.

7.20 The advantage of the treads reaches ten minutes.

7.18 We are entering the last 100 kilometers.

7.14 The group has not yet started organizing an actual pursuit.

7.10 We remember the names of the fugitives: Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Carla Oberholzer (South Africa), Vera Looser (Namibia), Anna Plichta (Poland) and Omer Shapira (Israel).

7.06 There are 107 kilometers to go.

7.03 The advantage of the treads over the platoon has reached 6’45 ”.

7.00 There are 110 kilometers to go.

6.57 The advantage of the former over the peloton rises to 5’25 ”.

6.54 We recall the names of the fugitives: Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Carla Oberholzer (South Africa), Vera Looser (Namibia), Anna Plichta (Poland) and Omer Shapira (Israel).

6.51 The group has not yet begun to pursue firmly.

6.48 Debesay and Gerefiel are more than three minutes from the first, they have no chance to return.

6.45 The group is four minutes from the treads.

6.42 There are 123 kilometers to go.

6.38 The group, for the moment, is not interested in chasing the first ones.

6.34 Mossana Debesay (Eritrea) and Selam Amha Gerefiel (Ethiopia) have escaped from the group in an attempt to re-enter the first, but at the moment they do not earn on the five leaders.

6.30 The five have already 1’30 “ahead of the group.

6.27 Five athletes have already escaped, including Anna Kiesenhofer (Austria), Carla Oberholzer (South Africa), Vera Looser (Namibia), Anna Plichta (Poland) and Omer Shapira (Israel).

6.23 Now the actual race begins and immediately there are the first shots.

6.20 Italy, today, focuses above all on Elisa Longo Borghini and Marta Cavalli.

6.15 The athletes are still in the neutralized section.

6.10 The test measures 137 kilometers and is much less tough than the men’s one.

6.05 The athletes are covering the neutralized stretch.

6.00 The athletes have left.

5.55 The big favorites of today’s race are the Dutch Anna van der Breggen, Annemiek van Vleuten and Demi Vollering.

5.50 Hello friends of OA Sport, the Olympic women’s cycling event is about to begin.

Today’s favorites – Today’s path – Richard Carapaz Olympic gold among men – The victory of Carapaz – Order of arrival of the men’s race – The report cards

Welcome to our LIVE LIVE of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic race reserved for women’s cycling online. With his 137 kilometers, the Japanese track that will lead the athletes dal Musashinonomori Park al Fuji International Speedway, presents the beauty of 2692 meters of total elevation gain are really demanding. All on a track that will favor, above all, the Dutch girls; ma Italy is ready to defend itself with its brightest star: Elisa Longo Borghini.

After about 40 kilometers between the plain and a bit of a slight slope, we will begin to climb first gently, and then decisively, towards the first ascent of the day, that is i 4.3 kilometers at 6.1% of Doshi Road GPM. After the brow, there will be no space to breathe: stretch on a slight slope and immediately after the climb to Kagosaka Pass, one a tear of 2.2 kilometers at 4.6%. From there on there will be one descent of about 15 kilometers and another 18 kilometers of plain, with some stretches on a slight slope, to get to the finish line.

The tricolor champion Elisa Longo Borghini will be the undisputed captain of the Italian national team. The 29-year-old from Verbania hopes to be able to climb the podium again in five circles after the bronze medal won in Rio 2016, and she has all the credentials to be a protagonist, given the track that is congenial to her. Elisa will therefore be joined by two promising young people of the caliber of Soraya Paladin e Marta Cavalli, and by a highly experienced athlete such as the former world champion, European and Italian Marta Bastianelli.

Against the blue battleship stands out precisely the dreaded formation of the Netherlands led by the outgoing Olympic champion Anna van der Breggen, the stainless Annemiek van Vleuten, who gave up the Giro Rosa to focus on Olympic preparation, Demi Vollering, and the London 2012 gold medal, the eternal Marianne Vos. Van der Breggen, reigning world champion, has just returned from domination in her fourth Giro Rosa, and is the all-time favorite to win the second consecutive gold medal, which could be the icing on the cake of a simply glorious career that will end. right at the end of this 2021.

So beware of a possible outsider like the British Elizabeth Deignan, fifth in 2016 and silver on the way home in 2012. Let’s move on to the Polish one Katarzyna Niewiadoma, sixth in Rio, but above all in South Africa Ashleigh Moolman, one of the absolute protagonists of the last Giro Rosa where she conquered the second step of the podium and a wonderful stage victory on Monte Matajur; which made us understand his great ambitions on a difficult path like that of Tokyo.

At the same time we also have the Danish Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, which will have in front of it a track that is decidedly suited to its characteristics. Ultimately we have the Australian lineup of Amanda Spratt, Grace Brown, Sarah Gigante e Tiffany Cromwell, who have all the credentials to make life hard for the dreaded Dutch, and who knows, maybe teaming up with our blue ones.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE text of the Olympic test reserved for women’s cycling online from 6.00. Have fun!

Photo: Lapresse

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