Olympics, basketball: Italy, what a start! Comeback and success on Germany

Olympics, basketball: Italy, what a start! Comeback and success on Germany
Olympics, basketball: Italy, what a start! Comeback and success on Germany

With overtaking in the last quarter, the blues start off well: 92-82 over the Germans with an irresistible finish, 12 points in a row

Italy has awakened. It took her a while to wake up, but she gave herself a splendid victory over Germany, 92-82, in her Olympic debut. It is that perfect start that was needed to be able to think about the quarter-finals, the success on which to build the next appointments with Australia (28 at 10.20 in Italy) and Nigeria (31 July). Coach Sacchetti’s blues, with Danilo Gallinari off the bench, struggled at the beginning, but in the second half they turned from ugly ducklings into splendid swans.

The keys

The strength of this team remains the group, but Italy needs Gallinari on the pitch. With him it is another thing, for the talent that Gallo has but also for the trust he instills in his teammates. He finished with 18 points in 26 ‘, gave the shock after the very difficult start of the first quarter. And he helped the whole team to grow. And Italy has grown a lot, returning as beautiful as in Belgrade. Simone Fontecchio was, 20 points with 7/13 shooting, Stefano Tonut was, 18 points and the bricks to build the decisive break in the fourth period, in which captain Melli also began to bite in attack, closing with 13 points and 9 rebounds.

Nico Mannion still has room to grow but still finished with 13 points and 9 rebounds. The best indication for coach Sacchetti is probably that this team still has enormous room for improvement. He started badly both in the first quarter and at the beginning of the second half, but when he started playing and defending he made a difference. Germany tough, physical and talented, but too dependent on Lo. In the first half he was irrepressible, but after the shot at the start of the second half he dropped the level and with him the whole team.

The match

Mannion launches the Azzurri at the start (12-8), but it is an illusion that Germany immediately cancels, hammering 8/13 from three in the first period closed at 32-22. Italy needs Gallinari to react: his 10 points in the first half are the shock that Sacchetti’s team needs, which before the rest returns to the game by drawing on 43. The triple of 46-43 Germany puts it before returning in the locker room, then opens the second half with 10 points in 150 ”which bring the Germans back to 59-49.

Gallo is still needed to awaken Italy, with the fundamental collaboration of Fontecchio, who slips 8 points in the third period including the triple of the 63-62 Azzurri at 2’49 ”from the siren, where however Germany arrives ahead. Italy starts again under 72-68, but in the middle of the period Tonut makes them put their nose forward. The Germans try to resist, but Lo is no longer scary and in the last 4’45 ”Germany does not make a basket. Italy, on the other hand, closes with 12 points in a row and takes a splendid victory. The one to dream with.

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