The most loved by “haters” in love with her own Ego

The most loved by “haters” in love with her own Ego
The most loved by “haters” in love with her own Ego

The thing she likes the most, is peeking at others all day. Then, write about it. Which – in itself – is the essence of journalism. But also, if you take the wrong measurements, gossip. Between the analysis of customs and the «who cares» – selvaggialucarelli rosicona tepiacbbe – it is a question of very subtle nuances.

Gorgeous in costume by NotOnlyTwenty, very elegant on the over 45 who cares if she talks too much about everything from the military dictatorship in Myanmar, which we for example do not even know where it is, to the look of Emma Marrone, who in any case brings social traffic Selvaggia Lucarelli god, how much we would like going out to dinner with her one evening: «Me lacquered duck, rice dumplings and fried bananas. And you?”. «Spring rolls, thank you …» is rich in all the nuances of femininity. Composure. Discretion. Confidentiality. Docility. Sense of measure. Elegance. And a certain savoir-faire. “Madonna how I would like a virus that eats your organs in ten minutes reducing you to a greenish mush that fits in a glass to see how many inflexible no-vax are left in the world!” … Yes, Selvaggia Lucarelli has the same fanaticism for vaccinations of Senator Pillon for the traditional family. From the girls of Giuseppe Conte to the girls of Massimo Galli it was a moment. It’s really true: social networks are free.

Social beyond saying a formidable number of followers, fans and friends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch, Reddit, WhatsApp and Wechat, we are not but very fond of the old woman too print, Selvaggia Lucarelli is very bored when she reads (just a scroll under the VIP accounts and the idea of ​​a piece will bring it out), but she is very happy when she writes. “TV is vacation, radio is real work, writing is my home.” Judging by the average quality of the items, a two-room apartment with eat-in kitchen.

Webnauta, columnist, television host, radio speaker, blogger, presenter, playwright, theater actress, writer, voice actress, polemicist and television judge, always and in everything with excellent results. But above all influencer: she is among the most retweeted ever, before Roberto Burioni and after Valentina Nappi. She is more in trend on social media than the rainbow flag among the LGBT community. And then – finally – journalist (publicist, which drives her crazy. Tiè).

Selvaggia Lucarelli, exotic name and surname from Civitavecchia (where “these cocks are not a dirty word, is a philosophy of life!”), Has been since 2002, since the time of Stanza Selvaggia and the second Berlusconi government – let’s hope there are five more or are you – who does not miss a trend, a character, a phenomenon, a controversy of the television and social debate. It takes consistency. It is also a principle of oppositional defiant disorder.

Obsessive compulsive in snooping on the lives of others to flaunt their own, multitasking by digital choice and monotonous due to linguistic limits (metaphors and similarities from Lazio to the “I want you as na carbonara after months of diet” are actually a bit repetitive), more touchy that biting and more quarrelsome than ironic, she is however very courageous. Duel on Twitter with a graduate in Medicine and Law on a delicate subject such as vaccination trials in progress, is not for everyone, it must be recognized.

Wild fetish warrior amazon sandals and majestic keyboard lioness mane is, undoubtedly, beautiful. But that’s not necessarily an advantage. In the entertainment world and also in journalism, which basically, especially in his case, are the same thing, all complain that it is a limit. “To excel you have to be twice as good!” Or more treacherous.

Perfidious (she was born on July 30, zodiac sign Leo, ascending rattlesnake), irresistible (for 50% she is nice, for the remaining 180 unbearable), splendid old-feminist suffragette nasty with the male world and at the same time merciless punisher of VIP-women on the verge of misogyny – femministelivorous as an eclectic journalist that she is, Selvaggia Lucarelli is the only signature in the history of information in southern Europe to have managed to bypass the entire party-political range, passing from Libero to Fatto Quotidiano without make a pleat. Olè! When Salvini jumped from ferocious anti-southernism to emotional nationalism, he was more elegant: she must admit it too.

That life. Toy boy, selfoni, jokes about Maria Elena Boschi – «Kill that gnawed Lucarè …» – thread & Travaglio, criticism from the magazine Cioè and Get real @stanzaselvaggia.

Wild lay, wilderness, wild life, wild immigration, wild overbuilding, wild quarrel, wild envy. The myth of the good Selvaggia. One hundred recipes for cooking game. In fact, he is with a cook. “And what does this have to do with excuse?” “Nothing, but I saw that since he’s been with you he’s been with Rai.”

Long engaged to her own Ego, the reality show passionate – called “the Simone de Beauvoir de La Fattoria (3 …)” – has undeniably an insane passion for celebrities tending to narcissism (Scanzi, Morgan, Cruciani and Fabrizio Corona : cult film, The 4 of the Wild Goose). And for the complaints. The catalog is this: haters, VIPs, intellectuals, politicians, Daniela Martani, Zorzi from Big Brother, tronisti – what do you want, the table is that … singers, Massimo Giletti and “A rare case of a beautiful, intelligent and nice woman” . “But who, you?” “No: Alba Parietti.” Lawsuit and counter-suit. Sometimes they give, sometimes they take. “Ah, what a hard thing it was / this wild, harsh and strong forest / that in thought renews fear!”.

“If I am born again he confessed once – I would like to be reborn Barbara d’Urso”. Meanwhile, like so many of us, she is forced to fill pages with words, boredom and comments. He has a broadcast on Radio Capital and is also responsible for the Chronicle and Interior sections (the first to say that Lucarelli is the Tina Cipollari of political journalism I denounce him for bodyshaming) of the information site TPI. Which is an acronym, like Milf.

After all – says someone who has always done it – you can also write for a lifetime without knowing why. How can one be the judge of Dancing with the Stars – it is the horrible spirit of the times, and we don’t write Zeitgeist to avoid Nazi-fascist accusations – without knowing how to dance.

However, Lucarelli is a woman – wife, mother, partner, lover, colleague – who either loves herself or hates herself. And we love it.

Wild, indomitable, fascinating, beautiful. Yes, that of the Famous is my island.

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