GTA V, player accomplishes an impossible feat (and against all odds)

GTA V, player accomplishes an impossible feat (and against all odds)
GTA V, player accomplishes an impossible feat (and against all odds)

The results achieved by GTA V are truly enviable, and Rockstar Games is preparing to lead in next-gen the last chapter of his successful franchise starting fromNovember 11th.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s crime adventure is no stranger to funny, curious and often so absurd episodes that it seems impossible, and one player recently stumbled upon one of them.

This is a new acrobatic performance, similar to what we have seen in recent days with an (almost) flawless “flight” that threatened to lead Franklin directly into the bathroom of Michael’s house.

The title continues to regularly stop on the podium of the Italian ranking, but in July it was beaten by a Capcom title in the Nintendo Switch version.

The amazing business of the player (completely involuntary, apparently) was completed during the “Impact Point” mission, the forty-ninth of the game.

Trevor’s goal is to achieve the driving carriage of the train riding his motorbike, avoiding falling or falling too far behind, thus risking losing sight of the train.

The event in which the gamer was the protagonist can be viewed in the following video published on Reddit, which will not fail surprisevi:

what are the odds!? from GrandTheftAutoV

After continuing in the way sent for most of the journey aboard the train, camo5342 did not calculate a maneuver well, ending up falling towards the soil.

As the video title suggests, the player succeeded miraculously (and without any real effort) to regain the lost position, and consequently to continue with his mission without losing time valuable.

The conformation of the map in the point below where the player has lost control of the vehicle he has in fact favorite the relaunch of the bike, acting as a real natural ramp.

This is just the latest in a long series of stunts to which GTA V got us used to it, and the main user rightly asked “what are the possibility» to complete abusiness similar.

Between curiosity and twirls, GTA 6 is always present in the gaming debate, and according to an authoritative source it could be the last chapter of the saga.

Rockstar Games has recently decided to intervene with the cancellation of many mods related to the adventure of Franklin, Michael and Trevor, arousing the bewilderment of the community.

Meanwhile, someone managed to bring GTA Vice City on Nintendo Switch, but in this case it seems that the removal of the content may not happen in the near future.

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