Melons “Against the Green Pass but we are not No Vax”

Melons “Against the Green Pass but we are not No Vax”
Melons “Against the Green Pass but we are not No Vax”

ROME (ITALPRESS) – “In a world where too many are accustomed to change their position based on where the wind blows, one cannot bear that anyone can remain consistent. The latest delusional lie of the left and the mainstream is that the position of Brothers of Italy on the green pass would not be coherent because we are in favor of the European one and today we say we are against entering bars and restaurants. Gentlemen, wake up: the two positions are not in conflict “. To say it in a video message on social media the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni. “We were in favor of and still are in favor of the European green pass, as it was conceived, because it was an instrument that encouraged tourism and the movement of people within the EU, avoiding quarantines – he adds -; for the same reason we are opposed to green pass for access to bars and restaurants because it becomes a tool that devastates tourism. This is when it is applied only in Italy and the other countries that compete with us have not applied it despite having worse contagion data than ours “.
For Giorgia Meloni “applying it to restaurants, bars and many other productive activities, has the opposite effect, devastating our tourism and our economy and at the same time favoring all the other nations that have not adopted this measure. The green pass to enter the bar to get coffee will make millions of tourists escape, including Italians who will go to Spain, Greece and Croatia. The vaccination campaign is not an ideological question: one can be in favor of vaccines and against the green pass, be opposed to the green pass without being no vax. Perhaps for the left it is too difficult a position to understand? “.


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