Who was Francesco, the boy who died in an accident in Pozzo (Milan)

Who was Francesco, the boy who died in an accident in Pozzo (Milan)
Who was Francesco, the boy who died in an accident in Pozzo (Milan)

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25 July 2021 08:11

Francesco Gallo, the 25-year-old who was involved in a very serious accident with his bike on Friday evening, didn’t make it.

History student at the University of Milan, the young man, who lived in Cambiago (Milan), was known in the world of football in the area. He had played for several local teams and had coached some of them, including the last one was Cambialievo.

Among the kids that Francesco trained also Diego Bressi, one of the Gessate twins killed by his father in July 2020: a photograph of him appears as the cover image of the 25-year-old’s Facebook profile, for which the memory of the little one was evidently more alive than ever.

After the news of his tragic death, there were many messages of condolence published on social networks and condolences expressed to the mother and father of the young man.

The accident

The victim was on his motorcycle, a Yamaha 750, when while proceeding towards Bellinzago on the Sp525, at Bettola di Pozzo d’Adda he collided with a Mercedes A-Class, driven by a 23-year-old, who was traveling in his own lane. On the spot, at the intersection with the provincial road 180 leading to Inzago, 118 and carabinieri from Vaprio had rushed.

The race, in red code, to the Melzo hospital is in vain: after hospitalization the boy died due to the too serious traumas reported in the violent crash. The Cassano military is working to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident and ascertain any responsibility.


Francesco boy died accident Pozzo Milan

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