the protests in the cities against the obligation of the vaccination certificate

the protests in the cities against the obligation of the vaccination certificate
the protests in the cities against the obligation of the vaccination certificate

Chants and slogans against the government of the “health dictatorship”, very few masks, gatherings and, in some cases, even moments of tension. From Turin to Palermo, passing through Milan and Rome, demonstrations against the green pass took place in various Italian cities on the afternoon of Saturday 24 July. With the latest decree law containing anti-covid measures, the certificate attesting vaccination, recovery from the disease or negativity to the tampon has become mandatory to access some places and events, starting from Friday 6 August.

In Rome, a thousand people in Piazza del Popolo. “Freedom” and “resistance” are the most evoked words. Many insults to politicians: Mario Draghi the most targeted. In Florence, hundreds of people gathered in Piazza della Signoria, and when the police invited them to move to the nearby Piazza San Firenze, they partly sat on the ground, even among the tourists. In Rome and Florence, many of the protesters did not wear masks.

Several hundred people protested in Piazza Fontana in Milan, and then moved towards Piazza Duomo chanting slogans such as “No green pass”, “Freedom, freedom” and “We are people”. The demonstrators were almost all without masks and did not keep a safe distance. In Piazza Fontana, when the protest rally started, the demonstrators shouted “sold” to the journalists present, trying to push them away even with shoves.

Tension also in Pescara. The protesters against the green pass attacked “not only verbally”, according to Senator Nazario Pagano, the gazebo and the table of Forza Italia in Corso Umberto, where the party leaders were collecting signatures for the referendum on justice. Almost a thousand people gathered in Piazza Castello in Turin. The initiative was not authorized. From the crowd, gathered in front of the building of the Piedmont region, the cry “Freedom” was raised, as well as insults to Prime Minister Draghi.

In Palermo, the “no green passes” met in piazza Castelnuovo. Again, very few anti-government masks and slogans. In Naples, the sit-in, which took place simultaneously with similar initiatives promoted in other Italian cities, was held in Piazza Dante, in the historic center. One of the demonstrators, armed with a megaphone, spoke to the crowd about experimental treatments as an alternative to the vaccine. A long applause when Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, known for his critical positions on vaccines, was mentioned.

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