Green pass for trains, airplanes and ships: mandatory by August –

Green pass for trains, airplanes and ships: mandatory by August –
Green pass for trains, airplanes and ships: mandatory by August –
from Monica Guerzoni, Fiorenza Sarzanini

The hypothesis in view of the return, on board with the first dose or buffer. S to family visits to hospitals. The public employment node

By the end of August, the green pass could become mandatory for travel on ships, planes and trains. The government has decided, as early as next week, the discussion on vaccinations for school staff and workers will begin, but a date will also be set to require those who use long-distance transport to get on board only with green certification . The goal is to avoid that – as happened last summer – the epidemiological curve could rise when returning from holidays. The choice not to start on August 6, as for all other activities, was made to avoid inconvenience to those who had already booked and would have risked having to cancel the trips.. But the data of the infections that show a fast rise due to the variants, convince the ministers of the need to act in any case within a month to stop the new wave in view of the recovery in September and avoid that students are again forced into distance learning. Also for this reason the Regions were asked for a enhancement of public transport, in order to allow to leave the capacity of the vehicles to a maximum of 80%. The confrontation started, in the coming weeks it will be necessary to draw up a map of the cities ready to guarantee students and workers to be able to move safely on buses and subways.

The vaccination obligation

It seems difficult that we can get to the vaccination obligation, but the recommendation will be very strong, as well as the use of all regulatory tools that isolate those who do not intend to immunize themselves or in any case do not allow them to come into contact with those who have instead decided to protect themselves from Covid-19. Just as happened with the decree approved last Thursday which requires the first dose of vaccine – or the presentation of a negative swab report carried out in the previous 48 hours – to go indoors, play sports in gyms and swimming pools, attend shows, attending events and conferences.

The school staff

After the appeal of the National Deans Association so that teachers are obliged to get vaccinated, the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi will start the confrontation with the trade unions precisely to find a solution. After all, the school staff had already been included at the beginning of the vaccination campaign coordinated by General Paolo Figliuolo among the priority ones after the health one, therefore the topic will be addressed in the coming days so as not to arrive at the beginning of the lessons with the same problems as last year. year related to classroom outbreaks.

Business pass

If Confindustria assesses the obligation for private companies, the issues relating to public employment are more difficult to resolve. Also taking into account that the state of emergency extended until 31 December provides for the possibility of working in smart working and therefore we want to avoid the risk that those who decide not to get vaccinated ask to stay at home. Some labor law experts, first of all Professor Pietro Ichino, have clarified that there are regulatory instruments in force, such as to oblige employees to use the vaccine, but the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando has ruled out the possibility of unilateral choices, and for this reason it will have to be established a path with the representatives of the category.

Ships and trains

The approach to long-distance means of transport is different, such as ships, ferries, airplanes and trains.The green pass will certainly be mandatory, the only choice to make is the date of entry into force. The most likely hypothesis is that it occurs in the last ten days of August when there is the greatest number of returns from holidays. The most likely route is to impose the green pass on passengers aged 12 and over with the first dose or alternatively the negative buffer. A procedure that would avoid – for those traveling by plane and returning from abroad – the double buffer required now. But also – if the number of infections in many states continues to rise – the mandatory quarantine for those arriving in Italy. Impossible at the moment it seems to be able to impose the green pass for public transport, so the number of vehicles available will have to be significantly increased.

The hospitals

The decree in force provides that the use of the green pass is mandatory for relatives of patients to access the waiting rooms of the emergency rooms and hospital wards. Yesterday the president of the senators of Italia Viva, Davide Faraone, and the president of the Sanit commission at Palazzo Madama, Annamaria Parente, appealed to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to allow the visit to the relatives of the patients, but in reality in the provision of the government this possibility has already been foreseen, therefore in the next few hours a circular will be issued precisely to ensure that the health directorates immediately apply the provision.

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