LIVE Basket – Germany-Italy 82-88, Tokyo 2020 LIVE RESULT. Updates

LIVE Basket – Germany-Italy 82-88, Tokyo 2020 LIVE RESULT. Updates
LIVE Basket – Germany-Italy 82-88, Tokyo 2020 LIVE RESULT. Updates

LIVE Basket – Germany-Italy 82-88, Tokyo 2020 LIVE RESULT

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Germany and Italy descend on the parquet of the Saitama Super Arena on the occasion of the match valid for the basketball tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. After 17 years of waiting, Italbasket returns to breathe the Olympic atmosphere: then Carlo Recalcati sat on the bench and on the pitch they flew Basile, Pozzecco and Galanda. The Belgrade pre-Olympic gave the Azzurri the ticket for a dream: a dream that begins with an extra Danilo Gallinari. On the other hand, the Germans, most likely the last force in a group including Nigeria and Australia: the Teutonics will also not be able to count on Dennis Schroder’s performances. At 6:40 am on Sunday 25 July will start the challenge that you can follow in real time on Sportface.








38 ‘- Tonut recovers the ball with the collaboration of Pajola, Melli puts the exclamation point on the counterattack. 82-88.

37 ‘- What a triplaaaaaaa! Tonut scores from a decentralized position, in precarious balance! 82-86. Now we are in charge.

36′ – OVERTAKE ITALY! Circulation of the wonderful sphere and yet another triple from Fontecchio, now at 20 points. 82-83.

36 ‘- Bonga continues to be Germany’s extra weapon, as does Wagner: determining physicality. 82-80.

35′ – OVERTAKE ITALY! Winning stop and shot of a super Tonut, solver version. 79-80.

35 ‘- Gallinari’s twitch, who however fails to deposit the ball to the basket. Fortunately ineffective counterattack by the Germans.

34 ‘- Yes! Winning penetration by Tonut and -1 Italian, a precious ace up his sleeve for Sacchetti. 79-78.

34 ‘- This time it is Tonut who puts it in by 3, what percentages to the long shot! 79-76.

33 ‘- Yet another German triple, Bonga scores: what a performance! 79-73.

33 ‘- Mannion takes the situation in hand and with personality hits, triple! 76-73.

32 ‘- German dunk with Barthel, after a 3-point attempt by Mannion, not successful. 76-70.

31 ‘- Free to score an excellent and indisputable Gallinari. 74-70.

31 ‘- Germany without Schroder, but equally cohesive and performing. Bonga shuffles the cards again and hits 2 using his physical structure. 74-68.


30 ‘- Tonut does not forgive in penetration, what a quality in the final touch! 72-68. Italy is there, the Azzurri believe in it.

29 ′ – Almost not believed, the triples flock: Lo’s exceptional achievement and Gallo’s level response. Again German 3-point basket, with Bonga. 72-66.

29 ‘- Unsportsmanlike against Tonut, but the referees want to double-check the monitor. The blue tried to get in the way between Bonga, who was thrown to the basket, and the ball.

28 ‘- The blues manage a possession in the worst way and the Germans still score 2 with Bonga. 66-63.

28 ‘- Crushed by Thiemann to say the least, which finally hangs on the iron. 64-63.

28′ – OVERTAKE ITALY! Fontecchio does not forgive from 3, too much space for him! 62-63.

27 ′ – 1/2 of Gallinari from the free, a great pity for the previously won opportunity. 62-60.

27 ‘- Wagner inaccurate from the line, but Germany in the extension. 62-59.

27 ‘- Fontecchio never disappoints expectations from 3! 61-59.

26 ‘- Offensive rebound of the Germans, who are not wrong from 2. Defensive naivety of ours, not exactly determined on that ball. 61-56.

26 ‘- Melli unleashed, this time with 2, finisher near the Teutonic basket after a recovered ball. 59-56.

25 ‘- Melli comes out of the blocks and scores a magnificent triple! 59-54.

25 ‘- It starts from Melli, who scores from 2. Italy is slightly slow in proposing maneuvers, too many non-fluid offensives. 59-51.

25 ‘- Arrest and shot of an excellent Lo, who scored again from 2. 59-49.

24 ‘- Ball lost in setting by the Germans, but the blues are unable to strike up a counterattack action.

24 ‘- Hard work of Melli, who gets two free, but unfortunately only transforms one. 57-49.

24 ‘- The triples suddenly follow one another, still lethal Obst. Ours cannot limit it. 57-48.

23 ‘- Simply surgical 3 tonut, what an execution! 54-48.

23 ‘- Triple from the corner for an undisturbed Lo, always lethal. 54-45.

22 ‘- 5 immediate points of Teutonic talents, 3 of which bear the signature of the usual Obst. 51-45.

07.34 – A few moments before the restart of the dispute, athletes ready for the third quarter.



20 ‘- He manages to raise the fortunes of Germany with a wonderful triple. 46-43.

19 ‘- Tonut bis from 2 and the blues take back Germany, which for its part is no longer able to score. 43-43.

18 ‘- Tonut unlocks from 2 and Italy returns to scare: -2. 43-41.

17 ‘- Fontecchio simply exceptional from 3, -5 of the blues. 43-38.

16 ‘- Moraschini perfect from the line, Italy does not intend to throw in the towel. 43-35.

15 ‘- Wagner evades the blue marking and scores. 43-33.

15 ‘- Benzing easily achieves from 2 after a choral action by the Germans. 40-33.

14 ‘- Exceptional triple by Gallinari, who tries to play the charge. 38-30.

14 ′ – Germany-Italy question and answer, Gallinari again scores with an invention from 2. 36-27.

13 ‘- Moraschini emulates Gallinari, successful 3-player game. 34-25.

12 ‘- Bonga scores from medium distance. 34-22.


10 ‘- Yet another triple at the end of the Teutonics, who shoot with 70% from 3: The protagonist. 32-22.

10 ‘- Thiemann does his duty near the basket, but Vitali responds with a triple in precarious balance! 29-22.

9 ‘- Gallinari again, disruptive in penetration: basket and subsequent free, successful 3-player game. 27-19.

8 ‘- Gallinari invents an excellent trajectory in fade away. 27-16.

8 ′ – 2/2 of Wagner from the line, irrepressible Teutonic at this juncture and also skilled in defense. 25-14.

7 ‘- A simply sensational performance from 3 from Germany, which does not give our players a breather. 23-14.

6 & # 39; – Botta and response from 3, but Mannion does not make a penetration and Obst makes the umpteenth triple. 17-14.

6 ‘- German triple and -1, frenzied pace in this beginning. 11-12.

5 ‘- Mannion scores and Italy on +4. 8-12.

3 ‘- Germany tries the offensive forcing, but Fontecchio scores again from 3. 5-9.

1 ‘- Fontecchio manages to hurt with a triple from the corner and repeats on the counterattack. 0-5.

1 ‘- Let’s go! First Teutonic possession.

06.34 – Azzurri on the field with the Mannion-Tonut-Fontecchio-Polonara-Melli quintet.

06.31 – Warm-up almost completed for the basketball players, the blues are preparing for the contest.

06.29 – Almost everything ready, a few moments and then it will be Germany-Italy.

06.25 – Great expectations to see the Azzurri at work, after the last-minute qualification against Serbia, favored on that occasion. Gallinari and his companions will try to make the most of their possibilities.

06.20 – Hello and welcome to the direct text of Germany-Italy, the blue return to the Olympics after Athens 2004.

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