Kitty Spencer, Lady Diana’s niece got married in Italy


Princess Diana’s granddaughter chose Rome for her wedding to millionaire Michael Lewis

Published on July 24, 2021

Top-secret wedding in Rome for Lady Diana’s niece, Kitty Spencer. The descendant of the noble and ancient English family has joined in marriage with the millionaire Michael Lewis Saturday 24 July 2021. Long-awaited wedding, which should have taken place last year, then postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The famous couple of the international jet set has chosen Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati as the location for the exchange of the rings. Kitty is the daughter of Diana’s brother, Charles, ninth Earl Spencer. Theirs is one of the oldest houses in the UK.

Lady Kitty, beauty heir to her celebrated aunt, celebrated the bachelorette party in one of the cities most dear to her, Florence. Together with her were the friends of all time. Those with whom Kitty has shared joys and sorrows. The only ones he would have liked to have at his side on such a special day.

Who is the spouse of William and Harry’s cousin? His name is Michael Lewis, he is 62 years old (30 older than her) and he is a multi-million dollar tycoon from South Africa. Lady Kitty’s husband is five years older than the bride’s father, Earl Charles Spencer.

Weddings are heavily armored. In consideration of the fact that in Frascati many are also expecting the arrival of Lady Kitty’s cousin, William. His wife should also accompany him Kate. However, their presence is not certain. Even if the rumors report that the Police Headquarters would have been alerted.

In recent days, the famous couple of English royals, after having cashed the defeat of England at the 2020 European Championships – beaten by the Italian national team – they went to their Norfolk estate. Their holidays will then continue as usual in Balmoral. Where they will join the other members of the royal family.

Invited to the wedding of Kitty e Michael, also Harry e Meghan. If the presence of the latter is questioned, it is different for other famous names in the field of fashion and luxury. Kitty, in fact, was the testimonial of Bulgari, while she is currently the face of Dolce and Gabbana.

Among the many guests also Mark Francis Vandelli, friend of Kitty. The latter immortalized some moments of the event – before the bride’s arrival – in some Instagram stories. In the images you can see the arrival of some guests and then the fabulous panorama that can be enjoyed from Villa Aldobrandini.

In the last hours the Dutch model Marpessa Henninck posted a selfie with Kitty, commenting on which she wrote: “Bride team. It’s finally happening“. The famous tenor Andrea Bocelli is also expected.

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