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Moments Tonut

Situation fouls: for Germany there are 3 of Benzing, 2 of Saibou and Voigtmann. For Italy only Pajola at 2, several others with 1.

TOP SCORER – ITALY: Gallinari 10; GERMANY: 11

Mannion misses by three, Tonut rebounds in attack, but in the meantime the second quarter ends and up to this moment the two triples are counted near the siren of Maodo Lo.

43-46 Maodo Lo incomprehensibly left alone on the weak side, there is another time out. Very serious blue defensive inattention. 9 ″ to the second siren.

Polonara air ball from three, there are 28 ″ 9 left before the interval. Italy will therefore have 4 ″ 9 for the last possession of the period.



39-43 1/2 Fontecchio, then Tonut’s big interception on the baseball attempt!

Fontecchio ends up on the mismatch with Maodo Lo, and goes to earn both the foul and the two free throws.


Meo Sacchetti also called time out given the situation.

Germany is no longer able to attack well, but Italy is not taking advantage of the situation with a couple of bad losses. Less than 3 minutes at the interval.

38-43 FONTECCHIO SELLS! And Italy is at -5!

Fontecchio stopped by Bonga who keeps it well, Italy is back.

Saibou tries to take the ball away from Gallinari, commits a foul and is immediately replaced by Maodo Lo.

35-43 2/2 Moraschini, we are halfway through the second quarter.

Moraschini touches the potential three-point game, however they are two free with Bonga’s foul.

Reached the middle of the second quarter, swirl of changes.

33-43 Make the additional Wagner.

33-42 Great basket by Wagner who also suffers a foul by Gallinari.

33-40 MORASCHINI! Al limite dei 24!

30-40 Comes up to the Saibou iron.


27-38 Wagner also from the media.

27-36 GALLINARI! Without rhythm, but scores all the same!

25-36 2/2 Benzing.

Whistled Melli’s foul on Benzing on the shooting action, he was trying to coordinate for the fadeaway. There will be two free throws.

25-34 Make the Moraschini addendum.

24-34 MORASCHINI! The penetration with the phallus that sends him to the line by Benzing again.


22-34 Bonga from the average after a minute without baskets.

The second quarter begins, Riccardo Moraschini is also on the pitch, author of excellent matches also in the Euroleague with Milan.


22-32 Maodo Lo places the buzzer beater, one of his kind, to close the first quarter with Germany ahead of 10 with a shower of triples (8/13).

22-29 Michele Vitali’s triple scores! -7 Italy.

19-29 Thiemann manages to score despite being in front of Gallinari.

Last minute of the first quarter.

19-27 He makes the Gallinari add-on.

18-27 MORE DANILO! Penetration, difficult basket, there is also a foul!

16-27 Maodo Lo penetrates in a moment of distraction of the blue defense, fatal. 2’20 “at the end of the first quarter.

16-25 GALLINARI! Moving away unlocks the situation.

14-25 2/2 Wagner.

Ball under for Wagner, forced to foul Polonara, there are two free. In the field Gallinari and Pajola.

14-23 Even Giffey shoots the front triple, Italy which, however, is not very present in rebound.

14-20 Maodo Lo scores with a triple of his. 6/8 Germany for three.

14-17 The Azzurri defense is still punctured, Obst scores again and is time out called right in the middle of the quarter by Meo Sacchetti.

14-14 Voigtmann is not held, parity from the arc.

14-11 TONUT! In complicated equilibrium from the average!

12-11 Same situation for Germany, triple from Obst.

12-8 NICO MANNION! The triple from rebound in attack!

9-8 Triple from Obst, -1 Germany.

9-5 Super debut also of Nico Mannion with one of his movements!

7-5 Nice movement of Bonga.

7-3 POLONARA! Receives near the basket and nails the bimane!

5-3 Triple by Barthel left alone on the bow. Meanwhile Polonara entered.


3-0 FONTECCHIO! Now the triple!

STREET! First possession Germany.

It’s about to start, teams ready for the duo!

6:39 QUINTETS – ITALY Mannion Tonut Vitali Fontecchio Melli, GERMANY Bonga Obst Giffey Barthel Voigtmann

6:38 They finish playing the Italian and German anthems, and very soon it will be two-ball!

6:35 It’s time for the national anthems!

6:32 These are the two rosters

#0 Isaac Bonga (1999, 204, A, Washington Wizards – NBA)
# 1 Joshiko Saibou (1990, 187, P, Dijon – Francia)
# 4 Maodo Lo (1992, 191, G, Alba Berlin)
# 5 Niels Giffey (1991, 200, A, Zalgiris – Lithuania)
# 6 Jan Niklas Wimberg (1996, 206, A, Chemnitz)
# 7 Johannes Voigtmann (1992, 211, A, CSKA Mosca – Russia)
# 12 Robin Benzing (1989, 208, A, Zaragoza – Spain)
#13 Moritz Wagner (1997, 211, A, Orlando Magic – NBA)
#19 Lukas Wank (1997, 199, A, Braunschweig)
# 22 Danilo Barthel (1991, 208, A / C, Fenerbahce – Turkey)
# 32 Johannes Thiemann (1994, 206, C, Alba Berlin)
# 42 Andreas Obst (1996, 191, G, Bayern Monaco)

# 0 Marco Spissu (1995, 184, P)
# 1 Niccolò Mannion (2001, 188, P / G)
# 7 Stefano Tonut (1993, 194, G)
# 8 Danilo Gallinari (1988, 208, A)
# 9 Nicolò Melli (1991, 206, A)
#13 Simone Fontecchio (1995, 203, A)
# 16 Amedeo Tessitori (1994, 208, C)
# 17 Giampaolo Ricci (1991, 202, A)
# 24 Riccardo Moraschini (1991, 194, G)
# 31 Michele Vitali (1991, 196, G)
# 33 Achille Polonara (1991, 205, A)
#54 Alessandro Pajola (1999, 194, P)

6:31 Still less than ten minutes at the moment which represents a new piece of great Italian basketball history.

6:28 Germany also had its “case”, but in this case it was not a situation to remember: Dennis Schroder, the most talented of the Germans since Dirk Nowitzki retired, cannot participate because he does not an agreement was found between the Teutonic Federation and the player’s insurance to be able to get him on the pitch. In fact, it should be remembered that the NBA franchises have an important weight here too (for information, ask Juancho Hernangomez)

6:25 Compared to the Pre-Olympic, there is a change in the blue team, as is well known. Danilo Gallinari for Awudu Abass, since Gallo could not be present in Belgrade as he was simultaneously involved (and not only him) in the NBA Conference finals.

6:22 Iran’s surprising stability in today’s debut match: less clear-cut victory than expected for the Czech Republic for 84-78.

6:19 As for Germany, however, that was the quarter-final edition with Team USA. The tournament ended there, but with a memorable block by Demond Greene on Carmelo Anthony. Frank Buschmann’s commentary, had it been made today and not 15 years ago, would have literally gone viral.

6:16 There is a blue memory at the Saitama Super Arena: Italy-Lithuania, round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup. A painful memory, because it ended 68-71 after a simply absurd match finale in which literally everything happened, including comebacks and freezes wrong.

6:13 Athens 2004 for Italy, Beijing 2008 for Germany. These were the times of absence of the two selections from the Olympics, really long times. The group is that of Australia and Nigeria, two of the teams that can aim more than many others for medals, in a tournament that is open to many solutions.

6:10 Good morning everyone. It is with deep emotion that we can say it: after 17 years, Italbasket is at the Olympics. Italy against Germany, the debut of Meo Sacchetti’s national team.

The presentationI rosterItaly-Serbia, the night of BelgradeSacchetti and Melli before the debutThe calendar of the Olympic tournament

Good morning to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Germany, the debut and return match of the national team of basketball in the five-ring review.

Coach blues Meo Sacchetti and the Germans trained by Henrik Roedl they both went through the same situation, that of a Pre-Olympic, not even at a great distance by the way. Italy, in fact, won it in Belgrade against Serbia, while Germany, to make it, lined up in one fell swoop first the host Croatia and then the Brazil coached by Not Petrovic, in turn the landlord and among other things the new coach of Pesaro.

There are cross stories, also due to the past of some of the players on our roster in Germany: just think of Nicolò Melli, whose launch in Euroleague and then NBA (before returning to Milan) started from Bamberg, a Simone Fontecchio who last season was the column of Alba Berlin, a Michele Vitali, which goes to Reyer Venezia with a great baggage of trust acquired also in this case in Bamberg.

The first match between the two teams was Olympic, a clear 56-18 in Berlin 1936, an edition on which so much history can be written (both for the presence of James Naismith than for the fact that it was the last played outdoors). It was another basketball. The last official match was that of the 2017 European Championships, won by the Germans. But today is another story. It’s a different time, even for the Germans who haven’t qualified for the Olympics since 2008.

The match between Italy and Germany will start at the Saitama Super Arena at 6:40 am. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Photo: LaPresse

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