Bus crashed in Capri, legal driver family: ‘First autopsy results exclude illness’

Bus crashed in Capri, legal driver family: ‘First autopsy results exclude illness’
Bus crashed in Capri, legal driver family: ‘First autopsy results exclude illness’

“From the investigations carried out today it emerged that the causes of death are attributable to ‘multiple injuries to the thoraco-abdominal organs’: at the moment, therefore, it would seem excluded that the death was caused by an illness or a pathology”. The first results of the autopsy carried out on the body of Emanuele Melillo, the 33-year-old bus driver who died in the serious road accident in Capri (THE PHOTOS) was announced by the lawyer Giovanna Cacciapuoti, lawyer of the victim’s family. “In any case – continues the criminal lawyer – we must wait for the outcome of the histological examinations of the heart and brain, and of the toxicological one, to get a clearer picture”.

The autopsy


Capri, bus crashes on a bathing establishment: one dead, injured. VIDEO

The post for the autopsy was awarded in the morning to the medical examiner Marta Moccia, in the offices of the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office. The expert operations, in the presence of the consultant of the party Dr. Francesco Paciolla, began around 13, in the Second Polyclinic of Naples, and ended around 15. The deputy prosecutor of Naples Domenico Musto ruled against the request for cremation of the body which, at this point, will not be returned to the family for burial and will remain in custody in the Second Polyclinic pending any further investigations which, at the moment, cannot be excluded. The report of the consultant appointed by the Public Prosecutor will be delivered within 60 days.

The conditions of patients in Naples


Capri, minibus goes off the road and crashes: a victim. PHOTO

The conditions of the injured in the Capri accident, hospitalized in the Sea hospital in Naples, improve. Of the thirteen initially transferred to the Neapolitan structure, two were discharged. Another 10 are under clinical observation, the prognosis is currently reserved only for one patient, for whom a nephrectomy operation is not excluded, but the doctors still hope to be able to avoid.

The accident


Capri, bus crashes on a bathing establishment: driver illness hypothesis

The minibus was uphill and proceeding at normal speed from the port of Capri to Anacapri, then suddenly it swerved slightly to the right, then to the left and slowly it would have broken through the railing and plunged into the void for at least 10 meters. This is the dynamic in the study of the firefighters and police conducting the investigation of the accident. The minibus, from the Atc company, was engaged in the public transport service on the island and got stuck between the cliff and a metal structure, on a stretch of free beach, near the commercial port, not far from a bathing establishment. Much fear but no injuries among those who were on the beach, some of whom said they had intervened to comfort the wounded waiting for the ambulances.

Choc tragedy does not stop tourism

The shock of the tragedy did not stop tourists from landing on the blue island. From the data of the Harbor Master’s Office, 8,400 new arrivals were registered yesterday, compared to 6,700 departures. Between Friday and early Saturday, 14,400 passengers landed on Capri. At 3pm today there are 6,000 landings compared to 1,500 departures. Numbers that bode well for the rest of the season on the island declared covid free, where almost 80 of the residents have been vaccinated, to which must be added the operators of the various sectors who do not live in Capri. Encouraging signs also from the point of view of a hit-and-run tourism that has been missing for a while on the island, and that lead us to believe that the emotional consequences linked to the accident did not affect the fascination exercised by the island of the Gulf of Naples too much. . However, the closure of the road from which the bus with 24 people on board crashed, a crucial link between the port and the square, raises some concern among tour operators. As well as the failure to remove the bus in which the driver Emanuele Melillo lost his life, who is still there, covered by a tarp, set in the escarpment where he crashed, behind the bathhouse. A few meters from the sea, today crowded with bathers.

Mayor of Capri: “Flag remains at half mast”

“We are waiting for all the necessary actions to be carried out and we continue to make our family felt by the young driver. On the flagpole of the Municipality the flag remains at half mast as a sign of mourning”. Thus the mayor of Capri, Marino Lembo, after the first advances on the autopsy on the body of Emanuele Melillo.

The operations to open the way from Marina Grande to the Piazzetta

Meanwhile, the mayor and the Province are working to allow the opening of the road that leads from Marina Grande to the Piazzetta, studying alternative solutions to avoid the total blocking of vehicular movement. “One of the hypotheses that we have taken into consideration – says Marino Lembo – is to create a double lane along the straight line of the accident, installing concrete guardrails while for access to the beach we could use the municipal staircase that leads to the small beach called of the Cliff and leave free the passage along the shoreline of the whole free beach since it is not a risk area. The section of sidewalk where the bus got stuck in its fall remains under seizure as well as the area behind the Ondina establishment that he can safely continue his business “.


Bus crashed Capri legal driver family autopsy results exclude illness

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