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Odette Giuffrida in the semifinals! Manuel Lombardo in the quarters! – OA Sport


7.01: The second quarter-final of the -66 kg men category will be between the Japanese Abe and the Mongolian Yondoperenlei

6.59: IT’S SEMIFINALEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! Still in the final phase of the match comes the decisive action of Giuffrida who goes to take the semi-final of the tournament -52 kg where she will face the strong Japanese Abe


6.58: A shido also for the Belgian

6.57: There is a minute left at the end. Still 0-0 between Giuffrida and Van Snick

6.56: A shido for Giuffrida

6.55: The first minute goes away without resolving actions

6.52: It’s Odette Giuffrida’s turn against the Belgian Van Snick: the Olympic semifinal is up for grabs

6.51: In the final comes the waza ari of the Japanese Abe on Giles. Abe will face the winner of Giuffrida-Van Snick

6.44: The Japanese Abe overcomes the French Le Blouch and goes to the quarterfinals. In the women’s field, the second semifinalist is the Swiss Kocher who beats for ippon the Hungarian Pupp who had eliminated Kelmendi

6.39: Bouchard beats Korean Park for ippon and is the first semifinalist of -52 kg

6.36: Thus the quarters of the female -52 kg category: Bouchard (Fra) -Park (Kor), Pupp (Hun) -Kocher (Sui), Abe (Jpn) -Giles (Gbr), Giuffrida (Ita) -Van Snick ( Nice)

6.34: Ippon on the Israeli Cohen of the Belgian Van Snick who will therefore go to face Odette Giuffrida in the quarterfinals

6.32: Brazilian Cargnin will be Manuel Lombardo’s opponent in the quarterfinals of the -66 kg category

6.29: Giuffrida will face the winner of the challenge between the Belgian Van Snick and the Israeli Cohen in the quarters

6.28: In the quarters Lombardo will face the winner of the challenge between the Romanian Vierij and the Brazilian Cargnin

6.26: Resolving action of the blue! There is no escape for the rival who had coped well with her in the first four minutes of the match but was starting to pay from a physical point of view

6.25: SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!! IPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON OF ODETTE GIUFFRIDA who overturns the Romanian Chitu and qualifies for the quarters !!!

6.24: Golden Score between Odette Giuffrida and the Romanian Chitu

6.23: There are 49 ″ to the end of the match for Odette Giuffrida: 0-0 with Chitu


6.21: Waza ari for Lombardo at 11 “from the end !!!!

6.19: Over half of the race for Lombardo who is trying to embarrass the Kazakh who undergoes the first shido

6.18: A minute also passed in the Giuffrida match. Still 0-0

6.16: Nothing done in the first minute of the match

6.14: It’s time for Manuel Lombardo on the mat against the Kazakh Sherikzanov. Giuffrida will soon be competing against the Romanian Chitu

6.09: The matches resume, soon it will be up to Lombardo against the Azerbaijani Sherikzanov

5.57 Short break to sanitize the tatami mats: Lombardo 3rd meeting on tatami 1, Giuffrida 4th meeting on tatami 2.

5.53 Two more matches and also the men’s tournament will line up in the round of 16, while the first three round of 16 have already been staged for the women.

5.47 Three waiting meetings on both mats and then it will be Giuffrida and Lombardo’s turn!

5.44 The first quarter-final of the women’s tournament is outlined: the French Buchard (No. 1 in the seeding and reigning European champion) will challenge the Korean Park as a super-favorite.

5.40 Another seed falls in the women’s 52 kg! The Russian Kuziutina (Giuffrida’s black beast in the last two years) loses at the Golden Score with the Korean Park Da-Sol and is out of the game for medals!

5.35 Lombardo-Serikzhanov 5th meeting on tatami 1, Giuffrida-Chitu 6th fight on tatami 2. The expectation is growing for the debut of our stars…

5.33 Program that continues quickly on tatami 2: Amandine Buchard debuts in the best way in Tokyo, easily gets rid of the Georgian Levytska-Shukvani and enters the quarter-finals.

5.30 The last female first round matches go to archive. The scoreboard is therefore aligned with the round of 16.

5.23 Unlike Lombardo, who has never faced his next opponent Serikzhanov in the World Tour, Giuffrida has 13 official direct clashes behind her against the Romanian Chitu. Overall balance of 8-5 in favor of the blue, which has however imposed itself in the last five consecutive precedents.

5.16 Andreea Chitu leaves no way out for the modest Vietnamese Nguyen and wins the pass for the second round, where she will challenge our Odette Giuffrida in a rematch of the Rio 2016 Olympic quarter-final (won by the blue).

5.11 The matches of Pool D begin in the women’s field, with Odette Giuffrida who will soon know the name of her opponent in the round of 16.

5.08 The men’s program also goes on without major twists, Manuel Lombardo on tatami 1 between 5 meetings.

5.04 No surprises in the last female matches, with the easy victory of the British Chelsie Giles advancing to the round of 16.

4.52 Lombardo’s first opponent today has already been defined, who will fight in the second round with the Kazakh Yerlan Serikzhanov. No precedent between the two in the World Tour.

4.50 Manuel Lombardo will be the first blue involved today, with his eighth final scheduled between 7 matches on tatami 1 of the Nippon Budokan. Odette Giuffrida will make her debut instead among a dozen fights on tatami 2.

4.45 A new top seed (the n.5 of seeding) in the women’s 52 kg comes out, with the Spanish Perez Box giving way to the Swiss Kocher for waza-ari. Pool B unseeded at this point after the first round.

4.36 Denis Vieru manages to overtake Nurillaev after more than 8 minutes of Golden Score and enters the round of 16. The Moldovan could enter on a collision course with Manuel Lombardo in the quarterfinals.

4.28 The program on tatami 1 continues slowly, dedicated to the men’s 66 kg tournament. An infinite Golden Score is underway between the Moldovan Vieru and the Uzbek Nurillaev.

4.26 CLAMOROUS !!! Reigning Olympic champion Kelmendi eliminated !! The Kosovar is surprised at the Golden Score by the Hungarian Pupp and is already out of the game for the medals in the 52 kg.

4.23 We remind you that the Azzurri will enter the match directly in the round of 16, benefiting from a bye in the first round thanks to their status as seeded.

4.19 In the meantime, the Russian Kuziutina, one of the possible candidates for the podium in the category up to 52 kg, advances to the second round.

4.10 The matches valid for the first round in both categories are in progress. Up to now, the elimination of the Azerbaijani Orkhan Safarov, European champion in 2020, defeated by the Kazakh Yerlan Serikzhanov, should be noted.

3.58 It is certainly the most awaited and important day of the entire Olympics for Italian judo, which deploys two important medal cards such as Odette Giuffrida and Manuel Lombardo.

3.55 The Nippon Budokan is preparing to host today the competitions of two other individual categories: the female 52 kg and the male 66 kg.

3.50 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live broadcast of the second day of judo competition at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

First day summaryThe scoreboards of Odette Giuffrida and Manuel LombardoThe favorites race by race

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the second day of judo competition at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. The Nippon Budokan is preparing to host the competitions of two other individual categories today: the women’s 52 kg and the men’s 66 kg.

It is certainly the most awaited and important day of the entire Olympics for Italian judo, which deploys two important medal cards returning from an excellent three-year period such as Odette Giuffrida and Manuel Lombardo. The Roman, silver in Rio 2016 and European champion in 2020, has what it takes to reach at least the semifinals and then attempt the feat against the Japanese champion Hifumi Abe.

Lombardo shows up in Tokyo from n.1 in the world and first seed of a scoreboard that reserves for him at least a couple of pitfalls on the way to the hypothetical semi-final against the phenomenal Japanese Hifumi Abe (brother of Uta, favorite for the title in 52 kg).

It starts at 4 am on the Italian night with the preliminary rounds of both categories, while the final stages will take place from 10 am. OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE text of the event with real-time updates so as not to miss a minute of the Azzurri’s journey at the Tokyo Games: have fun!

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