fairytale free body on “Con te partirò”, mortgaged final and medal dream – OA Sport

Vanessa Ferrari once again proved its class innate, of his gracefulness, of his stubbornness, of his innate love for artistic gymnastics. The Brescia has literally illuminated the qualifications of the Olympics Tokyo 2021. The blue has amazed at the free body, giving indescribable emotions on notes of “Con te partirò”, the piece by Andrea Bocelli chosen specifically for this occasion.

The 30-year-old, in her fourth participation in five circles, has perfectly stopped the four diagonals (Silivas and time-Tsukahara) fairytale and it is was awarded a sumptuous 14,166 (5.9 the D Score). Our standard bearer has mortgaged the pass for the final act, where she will have all the credentials for go hunting for the coveted medal five-circle faded by a whisker in London 2012 and Rio 2016. Below is the VIDEO of Vanessa Ferrari’s exercise in the free body in qualifying for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.


Photo: FIG

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